40th Verizon Heritage

The Verizon Heritage is celebrating it 40th year at Harbour Town Golf Links, April 14 – 20. If you haven’t booked a Heritage home or villa – do it NOW. Yes, this is one of the busiest times on the island but it’s also one of the greatest. Since it promises to be another sellout (135,000+ fans) call for tickets or go on line. Check out the Wild Wing Café Club on #15. It’s a new hospitality tent that gets you front row seats at that long par 5.

Boo Weekley is the defending champion and he is definitely not your typical cool and collected Tour professional. He got his nickname from the cartoon hero Yogi Bear’s sidekick, “Boo Boo Bear.” An avid hunter and fisherman, he’s sponsored by the outdoors apparel company Mossy Oak, which specializes in camouflage outfits. His “good ol’ boy” image isn’t an act. And can he tell stories

Weekley was at Harbour Town in February and related the following to a room full of media folks. Weekley keeps his fishing pole, shotgun, and golf clubs in the back of his (what else) pickup. On his way to the airport for a flight to a tournament, a box of shotgun shells upended and two of them somehow worked their way into his golf bag.

The security people at the airport kept running his bag back and forth through the machine and finally called him over. They told him about the shells. Then Weekley said, “And I told them, that can’t be. The gun’s still in my truck. You should have seen the looks they gave me.”

Weekley will definitely have a good following.

The purse this year has been raised to $5.5 million, with the winner walking away with a check for $990,000. The purse for the first Heritage, which was held on Thanksgiving weekend, was a little smaller. In 1969, Arnold Palmer ended a 14-month victory drought and banked $20,000.

As tournament director Steve Wilmot likes to remind everyone, the Verizon Heritage is a charitable event. Last year the Heritage Classic Foundation distributed $1.8 million to charities, the arts, colleges via scholarships, and medical centers.

Remember, email or call us with any questions!

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