Best Time to Be Here

We have people always asking the same question: “When is the best time to visit Hilton Head Island?” Our immediate reply with a smile is, “Whenever you can get here!” Admittedly not too helpful.

But bottom line, when it comes to THE BEST time to visit the island, we suggest you choose the months of May or September. (Or both!)

By May we’ve survived another wonderful Verizon Heritage tournament (and the tens of thousands of people who came to see it), and we’re gearing up for summer. The golf courses are in great shape and the weather is just right. The ocean temperature is still a bit cool (75F), but the beach is perfect. Basically, you’ll be taking part in our “dress rehearsal” for “opening night” – the beginning of our summer season. The air temperatures are usually moderate and quite frankly there are less visitors.

We think September is also a fantastic choice. It’s kind our “sneaky” month. Summer, for most folks is over, the kids are back in school, the weather is warm and so is the ocean. The beach – if you’ve never been to our beaches in September treat yourself. Maybe it’s the beauty of a September sunrise or sunset. It’s quiet. And like May, we have less visitors.

Both months are also great times to take those side trips to the historic communities of Savannah, Beaufort, and our closest neighbor, Bluffton.

So there’s your answer. But we really do mean it – come whenever you can get here.


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