Summer Golf in the Lowcountry

Hilton Head Island, as you probably know already, is populated with some of the best golf courses in, well, the world! The designer names are even more fabulous than the fanciest New York fashion boutique: Pete Dye, Rees Jones, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Davis Love, Gary Player.

To get the most out of your game, here are some suggestions that might help lower your score.
1. Altitude. You are at sea level, not the Rockies. Your drive will not go as far if you usually play golf at, say 3,000 feet. If you’re used to higher altitudes, sea level means half a club plus.
2. Alligators. Pay attention to “local rules.” If you hit or hit near an alligator, you can take a drop without penalty. It is not worth recovering your Titleist Pro-V (or your pride) if the ‘gator considers the ball his/her new playmate. Take a free drop.
3. Segway. Amazing new golf experience. This two wheel gyroscope that gets you and your clubs around the course is something like having your own personal caddie – but you don’t have to tip it.
4. Greens. Greens in the Lowcountry tend to get a little hairy in summer. The supper knows that if cut too low, they’ll burn.(Remember, you’re playing in the South, for goodness sake!) From five feet in, go for the hole. Period.
5. Sun. Wear a hat/cap. No matter how dumb you look, WEAR IT. Don’t quibble: Also, sun block: SPF 30 or higher.
6. GPS. This is so nifty. And so depressing . Some of our courses have Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on their golf carts. You know PRECISELY where to hit your ball. However, GPS can’t do a thing about the large oak tree standing between you and the hole.
7. Water. Summer golf in the Lowcountry demands you carry two quarts of water with you (or buy that amount from the pretty lady who just sold you a beer) . Alcohol dehydrates. Water hydrates. This is simple stuff.
8. Three foot putt. Good luck.
9. Insect control. Avon Skin-so-soft, Cutter’s .Advanced Sport Insect Repellent with Picaridin.
10. Bring the kids! Courses, like the new Heron Point in Sea Pines Resort, have six sets of tees. Family golf is encouraged.

Hilton Head Island golf. Nobody does it better.


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