Live – On Hilton Head Island!

The house lights begin to fade to black. The shuffle of late comers and the rustle of program pages quiets. The moment is at hand. The curtain goes up and the play begins!

There just nothing like live theatre. Unlike the movies or television, when you watch a live performance, you become a part of it. The audience becomes one of the characters. There is a kind of magic up on the stage and, for a few hours, you “suspend disbelief .”

Hilton Head Island has one of the most active theatrical communities, in relation to its size, on the East Coast. The extraordinary Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is simply beautiful There is not a bad seat in the house. The majority of the actors are professionals and the performances are equal to (or better than) virtually any regional theatre. There are not many places you can spend a day at the beach and an evening enjoying a recent Broadway hit (often with some of the same actors and sets).

The Buddy Holly Story is playing through July 27. Yes, you’ll be hearing “Peggy Sue.”

For an even more intimate experience, there is nothing quite like the South Carolina Repertory Theatre. “The Last 5 Years,” a musical by Jason Robert Brown, is playing July 17 through August 3. With a seating capacity of only 75, performances are usually sold out. The selection of plays tends to be a bit cutting edge.

If you want to see some VERY talented young adults perform this summer, get some tickets to the Main Street Youth Theatre and it’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast,” running July 2 through August 10. Whether it’s the salf air, the beach, or Hilton Head, the performances here are outstanding.

We love the local theatre scene. Calling it “impressive” doesn’t come close.


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