Fall and Hilton Head Island Golf

Forgive us for stating the obvious (obvious to us anyway). Playing golf on Hilton Head Island in the fall is about as good as it gets. For reminders, just a few facts. There are 15 daily fee courses on the island itself. There are six more off the island off the main drag, U.S. 278. So there are plenty of fairways for you to hit (or miss).

(Note: If “missing” is a problem, there are some rather significant golf schools available: Island Golf Schools, The Golf Academy, Don Trahan’s Hilton Head Island Golf Academy, the VIP Golf Academy, the Tour Academy Hilton Head, Jim Gray’s Gray Golf School and since virtually every course on Hilton Head Island is staffed with PGA professionals, all offer individual lessons. Not that you need them.)

Then there is the Titilest Training Program with Kim Tavino, golf fitness like you’ve never seen!

Now, check out the weather. September, October, November and December are some of our driest months. Average mid-day temperatures are respectively 84 (September), 77 (October), 61 (November), 61 (December). Chance of rain goes down proportionately.

Not to rub it in, but take Dayton, OH. You can actually have FROST in October. We won’t even bother with PA and NY (Snow!). O.K., we like to rub it in.

Next comes course conditions. Growth slows but, through November, stays green. Getting your ball tangled up in the secondary cut just off the fairway isn’t as likely. Greens are mature and, due to (relative) cooling temperatures, the grass doesn’t grow as fast. But it sure is beautiful. Note: “Winter Rules” apply starting in about October (when you can still get a bad sunburn down here).

Golf is now. Send the beach-goers who came with you to the beach (they’ll love it).
We’ll set up your tee times.


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