Pet – And What To Do With Them!

Most Vacation homes do not allow pets. So you need to find someone to board King or Muffy in your hometown. Which means you sort of have to plan your vacation around Rex or Puffy, as in when you can drop them off and pick them up.

Here’s an idea! Why not bring them with you and board them on Hilton Head Island? Think about it.
One: We have a sensational doggie park at Chaplin Community Park.
Two: We also have local kennels that specialize in vacationing pets.

Evergreen Pet Lodge may be the most, well, outlandish. In fact, it’s wonderful. We’re talking 14 foot indoor runs, “play time”, climate-controlled kennels, individual exercise. Your pooch or kitty will be totally spoiled.

Another one along the lines of a pet spa, is Southpaw Pet Resort, down the road from Evergreen by the airport.  Lots of play time, turf-covered gym, and great owners who get right down on the floor with their spa guests and yank on chew toys.

Camp Green Dog is an essential choice for those pet owners who need to be up close and personal with their dogs and pets while on vacation. These folks offer everything, from in home day care to cat condos to boarding for exotic pets (don’t want to leave your boa at home?) to a pet spa. Very reasonable.

Hilton Head Veterinary Clinics have two locations for boarding and care. And get this: at the Palmetto Bay Road location, you can arrange drop off and pick up times 27/7.

Many pet owners don’t realize that pets need a “vacation” too. Well, it’s not really a vacation. Pets just need to be reassured, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, that they are not being abandoned. Good kennels make sure of that. Big notation here for all kennels. CALL AHEAD. Also, make sure all pets have their appropriate shots. And yes, you can visit Rex or Muffy daily.


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