A Hilton Head (Treadmill) Vacation

Those of us of a certain age (or craziness) need a treadmill everyday to feel complete (or healthy). Thirty minutes, heart rate up, etc. Great idea. But why not do it in style?

When you vacation on Hilton Head Island you’ve got serious (and fun) opportunities to keep up your fitness routine. In fact, we encourage you to do so. It will help your golf game, your tennis, etc.

Your first fitness center is free: Twelve miles of beach to run, jog or walk. Literally breathtaking. Or do it by bike. If bikes aren’t part of your rental agreement, check this link out. And check out our beach access here.

Next, our FANTASTIC fitness centers, which have daily, weekly and monthly rates. Guaranteed to help you golf game, your tennis, your life. Vacations are meant for refreshment, relaxation, renewal – for mind and body. Re-create, that’s the idea. We have some of the finest fitness facilities anywhere in the Southeast. In fact, no matter where you’re from, you will not find ANYTHING better than what our Island offers – seriously.

A favorite is the Players Club. Heated pool, racquet ball, eight room, cardio training, personal trainers, yoga classes. This has got to be the best of the best. But there is so much more. Palmetto Athletic Club has VERY serious and wonderful personal trainers. Ideal for golf and tennis injuries. Four star recommendation.

Actually, we haven’t visited a local fitness center/athletic club in our neck of the woods that doesn’t match the best in major metro areas. We are so lucky. Check out Breakthrough Fitness Centers and Beach City Health and Fitness too. All have programs that target your specific needs. Our advice: Get fit – and lower your score.


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