Sea Shack: Fresh Sea Food on a Budget

At Hilton Heads Up, we like to share some Hilton Head Island “secrets” that most visitors don’t know about. However, thanks to Rachael Ray’s “$40 A Day” program a few years ago on the Food Network, the “secret” about TheSea Shack is out. Once only frequented by locals, there are now lines. But the price is definitely right. Figure $10 to $12 for dinner. (Ergo, the lines.)

But the food is worth it. Fried and broiled fresh seafood. The special is always the catch of the day (and they mean it). Local commercial fishermen (and fisherwomen) know they always have a market at Sea Shack. (Hint: they eat there.)

The place is anything but elegant (Does the phrase “paper plates” tell you something?) and you have to know what you want before you get to the counter.

But the food, the hush puppies … awesome, and generous portions.

It is family fare. Specials for the kids. Even the fried fish is light, tender. Yes, there are off days, but very, very few. Just remember, local islanders still eat there, but they go for lunch: no lines. Oh, yes. It’s hard to find. Click here for a map. Your GPS isn’t that good. But the food. Did we mention, it is THAT GOOD.

Bon appétit – on a budget.


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