Hilton Head Winefest , St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Chilled to the bones? Tired of WINTER? Why not join a few thousand of your close friends and head over to Hilton Head Island for three “celebrations” that will make the “Winter of 2009″ just a piece of history – and one of those celebrations is free! If food and wine are a passion, there is no better place to indulge in the South East than at WineFest 2009. Starting on March 12 and ending with a day of delightful “foodie” activities on March 14, this is truly, as Southern Living Magazine said, “An East Coast wine event not to be missed.” Even in this economic climate, you can indulge your gourmet tastes at a reasonable price. You can even get up close and personal with Bernard Lacroute, owner of WillaKenzie Estate winery, named one of the top 100 wineries IN THE WORLD by Wine and Sprits Magazine at Old Fort Pub. Check out the WineFest link for date and time.

Now here we come to one of Hilton Head Island’s best “welcome to spring” events: The St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Depending on the weather, the parade can draw up to 20,000 people. Started by restaurateur Tom Reilley 26 years ago, this is a Hilton Head Island “block party.” It starts at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 15. Everyone is welcome.

The parade starts at Coligny Circle, travels down Pope Avenue, and ends up in Park Plaza. Best seats (you have to bring your own) are at the corner of Pope Avenue and the new Office Park Road where the judging stand is. This is small town Hilton Head Island. This is a parade for neighbors – and everyone else.

At the end of March is the Hilton Head Island/Savannah Equestrian Exposition on March 29. See five different venues. Like horses? Don’t miss it!


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