Hilton Head Island in Bloom!

Granted, everyone thinks of the beautiful azaleas at The Masters this time of year. We, of course, think of The Masters as simply a warm up for The Verizon Heritage.

Hilton Head Island “blooms” from April through June, with spring flowers peaking from the end of April to mid-May. There is no better place to see the “bloom” of wild flowers than in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. The 600-acre preserve is also a testament and tribute to what has made our island special in the eyes of Mother Nature.

OUR azaleas are out right now (just like in Augusta), but – and we mean no offense to our neighbors in Georgia – the Lowcountry flora almost gets carried away when spring rolls around. Ligustrum, Indian Hawthorne, roses, red tips, angel trumpets and, a little later, witches’ fingers and wax myrtles, take over the scene.

Apart from our flora, there is also our fauna. On the banks of the lagoons in Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes and Shipyard, turtles and alligators sun themselves. If you want to photograph them (everybody does), park in a safe area, out of the way of normal traffic. Locals get a little miffed if you’re blocking their driveway.

Note on alligators: they are truly fascinating, but it’s a good idea to have a body of water between you and the ‘gator when you take pictures!

You must also check out the Audubon-Newhall preserve just off Palmetto Bay Road. An amazing, quiet, wonderful spot. Sort of like our own Walden Pond.

Come visit us this spring. It’s the Lowcountry in bloom — big time.


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