The Sweet Side of Hilton Head Island

Granted, this will not do much to reduce your waistline, but did you know all the WONDERFUL places you can take your family for that ultra-special, sweet treat? For example, we have our own ice cream: Hilton Head Ice Cream! See what Southern Living Magazine has to say about it. Way too good! Then there is Frozen Moo at 1 N. Forest Beach Drive. Also, check out Stone Cold Creamery on William Hilton Parkway. You’ve got to bring up their website and get ready to visit when you come to the island. Amazing!
At Coligny Plaza, you find all sorts of delicious places to stop. But one of our favorites is Rita’s Water Ice at Coligny Plaza. Maybe it’s the salt air, but there’s something that says “beach” at Rita’s.
If your passion for sweet stuff also turns to chocolate, Hilton Head Island has exclusive venues. Two local favorites come to mind: The Chocolate Canopy and the Island Fudge Shop. Both stores offer an amazing variety of homemade goodies. But here’s a warning: at all of the above places, the kids will go nuts! (Of course, you’ll be a hero, as long as the ice cream cone lasts.)
No matter what the economy, we believe that one, fundamental concept is valid and true: without a regeneration of the spirit, we will remain the same. To go on, to make life better for ourselves, for our families, we need recreation. We need to re-create our lives, follow our healthy passions. Whether it be a trip to the beach, playing golf, or simply turning off our smart phones, unplugging our modems, and savor the sound of the surf, Hilton Head Island is headquarters to help you re-create.
You just tell us what (flavor) you want. We’ll make it happen.


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