The Sandbox: Hilton Head Island’s Kids’ (Touch) Museum

The Sandbox is a children’s interactive museum that could possibly be your favorite place in the sun (or rain) when you come to Hilton Head Island. Especially if you have kids (or grand kids) between the ages of 8 and younger. But older kids, who want to interact with their younger siblings, are welcome.
The place is amazing. Located behind St. Andrew Methodist Church off Pope Avenue (the island’s south end), The Sandbox is a non-profit group, started by local islanders, dedicated to provide an environment where children and grownups can “explore, learn and play together.”
Take the “No Fishing Allowed Aquarium.” It’s salt water, so kids can see some of the sea fauna that live in the marsh and close to our beaches. Adults will be pretty amazed, too. Then there’s the “Track the T-Rex” controlled rock climbing walls. They are so cool. At the end, the kids get to push a button to hear “T-Rex” him (or her) self!
What is so amazing (you see, we think our island is pretty amazing) is that this isn’t some arcade with a bunch of electronic games. This is learning, playing, having one heck of a good time. The only “agenda” The Sandbox has is best said in a quote by George Bernard Shaw: “ What we want to see is a the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child.”
Here’s the kicker. Every Wednesday during the summer months, is a “no adults allowed” period from 6pm to 9 pm. If you would like to get a break, the “Parent’s Night Out, Kid’s Night In” is perfect.
Daily visits are $6 per adult and $6 per kid. Here’s a review from a parent of The Sandbox: “While on vacation, I took my children to this museum and they absolutely loved it. After three hours, I literally had to force them to leave to go eat dinner. One of the best things is the big pirate ship!” Oh, yeah, the pirate ship. Cool. Check it out.


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