Lawton Stables: Another Sea Pines WOW!

Talk about a turn around! When Sea Pines began marketing real estate back in the late 1950’s, one of the facilities for new property owners the sales staff recommended was – no, not golf – a stable.

So a stable there was. It was nice, small, offered trail rides, boarding, but was, on the whole, sort of passive.

Well, excuse me! Lawton Stables is now a main attraction in Sea Pines! As it should be. Now there’s the animal farm, carriage rides, riding lessons, the Junior Saddle Club. This place is a must see for all Sea Pines’ guests. And your visit is free.

Lawton Stables has been turned into what it was originally meant to be: a one stop shop for horse folks, for island visitors who love horses, and another item for your family’s “must do” list when you come visit. At The Vacation Company, we promise to help you discover more local “must do’s.”

What used to happen with so many vacationers, whether on Hilton Head Island or any other destination, is that it was “beach, golf, out of here.” What so many visitors missed was our magnificent community and places like Lawton Stables, with its trail rides, pony rides (the little kids), lessons, summer camp, horse shows, even a gift shop.

While most of our visitors think of this island as beach and golf, we’re so much more. The island, like the name of our PGA Tour tournament, “The Heritage,” has a history. Lawton Stables was named after Lawton Plantation, where Eliza Summers and Julia Benedict came to teach freedmen (former slaves) in 1867. The stables are again, a venue for teaching, this time about horses, the environment, and our island.

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