Visiting Hilton Head Island feels like a week-long spa vacation has been included in your rental package because almost everything the island has to offer is replicated for a fee in city spas. Below is a top-ten list of the island’s spa amenities that come free of charge when you book your trip with The Vacation Company.

    1. Seaweed/salt baths – If you’re from the northeast or west coast, then you’re used to big waves, jagged cliffs, and glacial water temperatures. Try a relaxing dip in the warm southeast ocean that won’t send you running for your blanket with blue lips.
  • Aerobic exercise – Hilton Head has seemingly endless sandy beaches great for biking or running.


  • Your massage specialist often plays recorded nature sounds as background music to relax you, like waves lapping against the beach, exotic birds singing, frogs croaking, or breezes rustling marsh grass. On Hilton Head, we simply open a window for the same effect.


  • Exfoliating – what better way to mimic this skin smoothing technique than by building sandcastles with your kids?


  • Afternoon naps – Just remember to lie on your back. No kidding. This is a wrinkle-reducing technique recommended by dermatologists on webmd.com. According to recent statistics, those who sleep face up accumulate less age lines.


  • Temperate climate – Does your morning commute in March include an extra half-hour to warm the car battery and scrape ice from your windshield? Try our climate mood-enhancer; another freebie included with your Vacation Company villa/home rental


  • Oils/lotions – Nothing brings a nostalgic smile to one’s face more than the smell of Coppertone suntan oil. And we all know smiling is better for facial muscles than frowning. Lather it on before the beach and your skin will thank you.


  • Fresh fish – served in all Lowrey Group restaurants, our own Fresh Market, or can be yours for the catching and grilling.


  • Soothing sunset – I can’t describe a South Beach sunset on Hilton Head. You just gotta be there. Doesn’t matter what kind of day the weather gave us –rain, clouds, sun – the dazzling color show at the end reminds us of what life is about.


  • Slower pace of life – do I really need to explain why this is good for you?


Of course, if you’re the one in charge of getting everyone to all of the above, then you will need to take a day out for yourself. In that case, try The Art of Massage, where Anneliza Itkor, and her field of outstanding, licensed massage therapists will accommodate you with flexible hours and eco-friendly products in unpretentious surroundings. Voted best massage in the 2010 Island Packet Reader’s Choice Awards, The Art of Massage is located at 14 New Orleans Road, Suite #1, call for an appointment, 843.422.8378, or simply drop by any time for a glass of champagne and fruit.

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