Consignment Shopping – Best Island Rainy Day Sport

consignment store

Chella D’s in South Island Square

Now you wake up, raring to be the first ones at the Tiki Hut and before you can say, “Where’s the sunscreen, Honey?” a rumble of thunder draws your attention to angry dark skies and the disheartening sight of lifeguards folding up umbrellas and chairs.The travel experts said that tropical squalls sometimes occur during the summer months along the southeast coast, but are those really whitecaps on the waves?And what kinds of travelers visit vacation resorts during squall season anyway? (And while we’re at it, what is a squall?  Is that something you hunt, like a squirrel?)

Thrift Store

Church Mouse Thrift Shop

At this point, I can probably bullet-point the rainy day activities on Hilton Head that you have already thought of; such as, surfing the net, eating chips, making sandwiches, going to and/or renting movies, watching soap operas, eating more chips, checking email, cheating at online solitaire, taking a nap, whining about the weather, cheating at Monopoly, answering chain emails and setting your alarm to make sure that you don’t miss what someone will say that will change your life at 10:23 pm, emailing all your friends with a picture from last year’s vacation telling them what a great time you’re having at the beach, calling the Vacation Company to check if – just in case and against your initial negative reaction – you changed your mind during a weak moment, and purchased trip insurance by mistake, and really whose big idea was it to come down this weekend anyway? Was it the same person who DRANK THE LAST BEER?!!…

But really, the most hands-down rewarding activity has to be consignment shopping on Hilton Head.

Consignment shops abound in the Palmetto Bay area as well as in the north end of the island, and these can yield true finds.  If you are familiar with the local real estate scene, then you know the plethora of treasures offered at estate sales and auctions; many of which find their way into consignment stores.  If you are new to Hilton Head, rest assured that the many beautiful homes you covet from your beach towel house one-of-a-kind furnishings and clothes.Whether you are looking for vintage clothing, kitschy souvenirs, or European light fixtures, you will be rewarded with interesting, sometimes eccentric, and always unique items from the sampling of shops listed below.  Many of these you can get lost in for hours and score beautiful and unique pieces, while knowing that your purchase will also go towards helping a local charity.  Almost all of the stores listed here donate proceeds and/or unsold items to area non-profit organizations and thrift stores that benefit the needy.

(And P.S., in case you are wondering, the Vacation Company also donates unclaimed lost and found items to area thrift stores that benefit the Hilton Head community.)

For garage sale finds like housewares, knick-knacks, books, clothing, and jewelry:

For higher-end furniture items and accessories:

  • Classic Consignments, located at 122 Arrow Rd, 843-842-4041
    Unsold items are given to the charity of the owner’s choice or to St. Fancis Thrift.
  • Michael & Company Antiques, located at 138 Arrow Rd, 843-686-3222
    Unsold furniture items are donated to area charities and thrift stores.
  • Annie’s Attic, located at 142 Arrow Rd, 843-686-6970
    Unsold and/or unsalable items go to the Community Care Foundation Thrift Store in Bluffton where the proceeds are given to area charities such as no-kill animal shelters and food ministries.

For vintage clothing and new irregular:

  • Sacks, located at 24 Palmetto Bay Rd, #B 843-842-4222
    Unsold clothing is given to Goodwill Industries of lower South Carolina.
  • My Sister’s Closet, located at 1020 William Hilton Parkway 843- 785-4988
    Unsold items go to the Litter Box, and to the Church Mouse.
  • The Stock Exchange, located at 1401 Main Street Village, 843-689-6777
  • Chella D Consignment Boutique, located at 119 Arrow Rd, 843-341-3999
    “Chella D is a modern consignment store that is a sure love for all fashionistas!…”Check out their Facebook page. Unsold items go to the Litter Box.
  • Simply Kids Consignment, located at 115 Arrow Road, #2B, 843-686-6774
    Unsold items go the Church Mouse, the Litter Box, the Bargain Box, and boxes of clothes have also been sent to Haiti.

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