Island cyclists form their own weekly Tour de Hilton Head

One cannot say enough about the extensive, user-friendly bike paths on Hilton Head these days. Incredibly well maintained and expanded upon, they get frequent use, resulting in fit, great-looking islanders and visitors! What many don’t realize is that there is a growing and constantly evolving trend that is taking hold of both local and guest cyclists, at least, those that know about it. And that is group rides that push the standard distance and time limits of the typical bike path ride through the plantations. As cycling gains in popularity among all age groups, so has the need for varying the difficulty, route, and goal of these rides.

Vacation Company Angels ready for the road! L-R:
Molly, Tiffany, Beth, Deanne, Michelle

If you drove here with serious biking on your mind – and serious bikes attached to your suv (or not, and you plan to rent them) – you will find that, just as in other sporting arenas, Hilton Head Island does not disappoint. Several bike shops that rent and sell bikes, also host weekly, organized group rides that all ages are welcome to attend. Schedules can be found on bike shop websites and they are updated frequently with tips on how to maximize your ride, as well as maps, directions, and service offerings. You can even take bike repair workshops, learn how to keep a bike journal, and of course, make new cycling friends that will be here when you come back next year.

For more information on group rides while enjoying your week in a Vacation Company home rental, below are just two of several Hilton Head Island bike shops that we know personally that help support and participate in family-friendly group rides. Both sites offer comprehensive cycling information, complete schedules, and rules for the road.

Road Fish Bike Shop – located: 807 William Hilton Parkway (rte. 278)
ph: 843.686.2981 For group rides and events page click here.

The Bike Doctor2 locations: 55 Mathews Drive, Suite 160
ph: .843. 681-7531, or 31 New Orleans Road, Suite B, ph: .843. 681-7532 Group ride info click here.

And for those of you who already know the convenience of renting bikes and leisure riding along bike paths and Hilton Head Island’s shores, you can call ahead to the Peddling Pelican, to have bikes ready AT YOUR DOOR when you arrive for your vacation. What a great way to wake up and get acclimated on your first Hilton Head morning!


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