One thing’s for sure: Hilton Head Island is for the young at heart. Everywhere I look, people of all ages are participating in activities typically reserved for those decades younger in other parts of the world. For example frequently, I see octogenarians playing tennis on the courts where I live in the heat of day in mid-July. Runners daily, beat up the roads, bike paths, golf cart paths, and beaches, 24/7 regardless of the weather or time of day.

You don’t have to be 18
to appreciate a sunset…

And, let’s face it; everybody rides bikes here, when they probably don’t even own a bike back home where they live. In fact, the first thing people do after booking their vacation home rental with us, is to reserve rental bikes delivered to their door before they arrive.

Often, riding bikes is the first thing they do, BEFORE HITTING THE SAND, just to get their bearings and check out how far they are from the closest pizza joint.

And that’s not all. I see kids of ALL ages singing with Gregg Russell under the live oak in Harbour Town, too. How’s that for embarrassing (no question mark – that wasn’t a question). They insist on it, to the chagrin of the crowd and the patient good humor of Gregg, these grown-ups wearing short pants and ball caps with gator jaws, with colored straws, cherries, and umbrellas in their drinks. They want to stand up and sing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, for Pete’s sake.
So what’s going on?

…or to get in shape jogging on the beach.

I have a theory… Hilton Head Island is NeverNeverLand to families who are looking for something more realistic than Disney World, but not so demanding as camping out on the Appalachian Trail. NOT that we don’t LOVE Disney World, or the Appalachian Trail… it’s just a little overkill to do those things on an annual basis as your family summer vacation, for most people.

Hilton Head, by contrast, is relatively easy to enjoy in that we have smaller ocean waves, smooth sand, lots of shade, no steep hills or jagged mountains, slow drivers, slow talkers, low-key security guards, rotaries before stop lights, FREE PARKING at the beach, tiki-bars… life is just so simple and fun down here – even in the thick of summer – so I say why not roll in the sand with the grandkids and build a fort? I love Hilton Head Island!

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