There Is A Reason The Vacation Company Angels Have Year-Round Tans!

Hilton Head beach fun in December!

    You cannot believe the number of people who had the same idea I did for what to do on a sunny afternoon yesterday as I ran holiday errands and took a coffee break. If you like to boogie outside while sleigh bells ring, holiday season on Hilton Head is still an improvement over what nature brings to our northeastern and mid-western neighbors. An afternoon jog on the December beach can surprise you with the heat of the sun and a sudden squawk of gulls. Despite bleak forecasts, Hilton Head Island’s beach always comes through with a winner, if I just give it a chance.

    Whether you are staying in a vacation home rental with your own family, or visiting YOUR family that lives here, don’t let weather reports inform your outdoor activity schedule. You will feel so disappointed when you arrange to meet everyone at the movie theater at 2:15 pm, because the guy said it was going to be rainy and cold (the guy on WTOC, remember… who LIVES and WORKS in Savannah); and while you’re having your Java Joe’s coffee waiting for out-of-town family to arrive, couples stroll by you across Coligny Circle with their dogs and kids and the sun is shining a bright, milky white, across the blue sky, like a big fat fried egg, and you’re sweating because it is about 60 degrees on Hilton Head and you’re baking under a pre-Christmas sale Nike warm-up suit.Am I right?

    This season check out island favorites like Lawton Stables, Palmetto Bay Marina, Dove Street decorations on North Forest Beach, Coligny Beach, Shelter Cove, Harbour Town, the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and South Beach Marina Village, while you’re visiting. Don’t write everything off because it’s December, you’d be surprised at what’s going on and just how warm the afternoon sun can be when you are outside and under it.

    So, what are your plans for the last week of December on Hilton Head? Post your answer here.


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