10 Reasons You Should Be Visiting Hilton Head Now

Sunset at Lands End in South Beach, Hilton Head Island

 Many people tell me that they don’t need a reason to visit Hilton Head this time of year because it’s always gorgeous, but I still see plenty of parking spaces at the beach, vacant tables in the restaurants, and it’s far too easy to reserve court and tee times.  Apparently, a list is needed, so here goes:

1. Still gorgeous sunsets at South Beach, any time of year.

2. No wait at the bar.  Any bar.

3. 1st and 2nd row seats at the cinema and theater, even if you get there right on time.

4. Vacation Company Angels are eager to plug holes in the 2011 reservations grid, so you are sure to get a prompt response if you drop by.  Plus, they all still have great tans.

5.  Bargains everywhere and “islander prices.”  These are great, I’ve never been asked for ID to get a special resident discount, so I’m assuming the deal is good for anyone who makes a purchase, regardless of where they live.

6.  You can drink a latte and listen to your IPod while riding your bike.  Nobody will yell at you because nobody cares this time of year.

7.  Plenty of good weather to take advantage of.  The gators are even out in the afternoons.

8.  A great time to explore nature trails like on Pinckney Island and the Sea Pines Forest Preserve without fear of things crawly and slithery.

Beagle living large, no leash, Hilton Head, March 2011

9.  No leash laws.  All dogs get to run like nuts in circles at the beach and that is a BLAST to watch, I don’t care who you are.

10.  Oysters are still in season, BUT NOT FOR LONG!  Captain Woody‘s is having their last oyster roast this weekend (Saturday, March 5th) in Palmetto Bay Marina, with buckets of oysters and Happy Hour prices.  After April, there is a dearth of months with r’s in their name, so aficionados will likely tell you not to bother until the fall.

The island is empty right now and still so beautiful and temperate, I feel almost selfish and guilty that I get to enjoy all of the above without waiting in line or stretching a credit card.  Call an Angel soon: 855-845-7018, so I’ll stop feeling so spoiled.

If you think of any more reasons to visit Hilton Head now, post your response here.  We would love to hear from you.

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