No One Knows the Truffles I’ve Seen

Truffles Cafe’s signature tomato dill soup
    One of the many pleasures of being an on-again off-again resident, sometime vacationer, sometime just home-for-the holidays kind of islander, is getting to grow up with some of the people and businesses who have managed to stick around and do just fine – actually, they do quite well, thank you very much – like Price Beall and Truffles Cafe.  This restaurant, and it’s siblings on Pope Avenue, and Bluffton, have stood the test of time, seasonal business, and a fickle economy, for more than twenty-five years and show only signs of future growth and prosperity.  Being a hands-on businessman, employing many islanders through the years (and in my case, more than once), and participating in and contributing to many area charities, owner,  Price Beall has become a good neighbor and friend to many islanders and visitors.  
     As a business model, Truffles is certainly in a class by itself; quietly evolving with the times by redecorating periodically, adding to the menu, changing server uniforms, expanding an eclectic and thorough wine list, and opening  new venues.  All the while, Truffles turns out a stellar product, an innovative menu known for its         fresh preparation and uniqueness, yet always consistent in presentation, taste, and service.  And ALWAYS open.  
Truffles Cafe Owner, Price Beall
     As a  Vacation  Company staff member, it’s a pleasure sending business Truffles’ way because one never worries that guests or visiting family might be disappointed.  You   just know it’s one of the safest bets in town, like catching a great sunset in Harbour Town, or spotting an alligator on a golf course in June.  Duh.

    And apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way, since Ruby Tuesday’s has recently signed a licensing agreement with Gourmet Market, Inc. (Truffles’ parent company) to replicate Truffles in other locations, such as Lenox Mall in Atlanta which opened Truffles Cafe in the fall of 2010.  Fortunately for us, Price Beall views Hilton Head as home, and Truffles will continue to flourish here, serving up long-time favorites like its signatures tangy tomato dill soup, flavorful chicken pot pie, perfectly seasoned southwestern chicken salad,  and tasty rack of ribs, and let’s not forget who put the fabulously sinful, blondie with ice cream on the map.

Locations:                                                      Phone Number:

Sea Pines Center, Lighthouse Rd.,                  
Hilton Head Island, SC                                  843-671-6136                           
Pope Avenue, Hilton Head Island, SC            843-785-3663
Belfaire Town Village, Bluffton, SC                 843-815-5551
Lenox Road, Atlanta, GA                               404-364-9050

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