Extraordinary New Homes Have Joined Our Hilton Head Collection

         It can be difficult to describe the incredible views, fabulous decor, exquisite design, and amazing refurbishments that have gone into the homes that are in our inventory, but we try every day when talking to you on the phone.  We visit each new property and often come away speechless, wondering how on earth we will convey the beauty of this treasure to our guests on our website, in our catalog, and verbally.  Even photos and videos don’t quite capture the essence of these homes, but that’s all we have to work with, so we do the best we can.
         Every year, we add more glorious vacation home rentals to our stable and attempt to do them justice with words and expressions like, “I’d live there!” or “Perfect! Outstanding! Oh my God!” or, “to die for…” But that’s all we’ve got friends and fellow travelers; the English language, a thesaurus full of proper and cerebral adjectives for Awesome, Cool, and Gnarly, and hi-res pictures to put on our website, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.  For now, I introduce three of our newest homes with a few highlights and ask you to trust me when I say that each of these will live up to your highest expectations.

10 Brigantine

10 Brigantine, Palmetto Dunes

7 BR, 7 BA, 2nd row, gorgeously remodeled with pool area/game room & fully-equipped bar,  private beach pathway, endless more features & amenities.

13 Man O’
4 BR, 4.5 BA, oceanfront, edgeless swimming pool & spa, outdoor bar, and a view to… yes, die for.



178 Mooring Buoy

178 Mooring Buoy, Palmetto Dunes
6 BR, 4.5 BA, w/pool, offers panoramic
fairway & lush lagoon views from almost everywhere in the house.

       Want a closer look at any of these?  Search here, for a full description and video tour, or call one of the Vacation Angels for details on how you can treat your family to one of these Hilton Head Island treasures. 800.845.7018


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