Over-the-Top Vacation Fun, Off the Beaten Path!

Guided kayak tours through The Sea Pines Resort

     At the beginning of every season we, at The Vacation Company, try to come up with all new and exciting lists of things to do on Hilton Head for our guests – NOT that there is a dearth of ideas for outdoor fun, but repeat guests who have baked every day on the beach, played all the golf courses, run the lighthouse stairs, watched the sunset from the Quarterdeck, and listened to Gregg Russell under the Liberty Oak, year in, year out, sometimes on occasion ask if there is something else to do around here – NOT THAT THE AFOREMENTIONED AREN’T FUN ENOUGH – it’s just that the kids eventually grow into teenagers and don’t want to sing outside every summer night and you’re watching an even better sunset this year nightly from your OCEANFRONT BEACH HOME RENTAL FROM THE VACATION COMPANY! And nobody makes better mojitos than you while enjoying that view, right?…  wait… where was I….

Up Close And Personal on a Guided Sea Pines Resort Eco Tour

       Okay, NEW outdoor activities on Hilton Head Island; almost every year, new activities are added to the roster and it can be daunting trying to figure out which ones to make time for.  This week, I’m giving you the contact information and highlights of an under-the-radar one-stop-shop for outdoor fun that I only stumbled across while Googling for extreme activities on Hilton Head.
     Within Sea Pines Resort, is the Recreation Department, which is highly organized and with-it in the area of blazing outdoor trails and know how best to show off the island’s supreme natural beauty under the guise of entertaining activities.  After all, they do understand that you can’t tell your kids that these tours are educational while on vacation because that would sound BOORRRING, so parents can relax and fall in line without too much preparation.   The only gear suggested by the recreation coordinator that I spoke to was to wear, secured shoes; ie no flip-flops or sandals. You don’t want a creepy crawler nipping an exposed toe while trekking through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Other than that, all you have to do is show up on time at the designated location and the tour guide will take it from there. 

     Below are a selection of springtime Eco Tours, designed to enlighten while entertaining; these are great for the whole family.  Click here for a pdf version of the full 2011 Spring Resort Guide of tours and events.  For more information and a list of activities, call 843.842.1979, listen to the menu of activities and let them talk you through.

Alligator Boat Tours: a perfect way to see these incredible reptiles while getting a safely guided tour from  a knowledgeable professional. 843.686.5323
Kayaking Tours: a clinic is included, so experience is not mandatory for this remarkable tour through Calibogue Sound where you may see manatees, dolphins, otters, and minks.  843.671.4386
Stoney/Baynard Ruins Tour: Fascinating, informative tour of the ruins of a Hilton Head plantation home.
Sea Pines Forest Preserve walking Tour: Explore a 4,000 year old Indian trail and grounds where relics have been preserved, over boardwalked paths that take you through ancient woods.
Forest Preserve Hayride: Relax and listen to the experienced guide take you through the Forest Preserve
Beach Discovery: Stroll Sea Pines shoreline while a local guide identifies starfish, shells, and sand dollars.

     Hilton Head is home to an incredible wildlife dynamic, at once jarring and extreme with alligators, snakes, egrets, coyotes, and deer commingling, seemingly nonchalant in their meanderings over fairways, sand dunes, residential roads, and back porches, while hosting a delicate ecosystem that needs constant care and diligent preservation so that the frogs, turtles, bats, mosquitoes, and lizards can help keep it all balanced.  We often forget how fortunate we are that this lowcountry habitat thrives while undergoing constant development and traffic. Wildlife tours such as these and others – some of which have already been journaled  about in Hilton Heads Up – are numerous on Hilton Head and fun.  Take a day to learn about this amazing island while you are here.  You will be so glad you did.


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