Hilton Head Vacation Beach Property Highlights

      Three extraordinary properties, each unique unto itself, grace our blogspace today.  What they have in common are serious location draws.  For example, beach proximity (so close, you’ll still have ice in your Coke by the time you get from the fridge to your beach towel), major STYLING upgrades, and excellent views of the sea and sky from various rooms and patios.  These primo properties are also near seasonal live entertainment venues, like the Wreck of the Salty Dog, Coligny Plaza, and the Holiday Inn Tiki Hut.

Holiday Inn Tiki Hut

     Also within daiquiri-drinking distance, are beach-volleyball games, fountains to play in, clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, boardwalk shopping, fine-dining restaurants, cafes & lounges (with al fresco seating), water sports, and charter fishing boats.  So you can park it on arrival, and not start your engine again until check-out. 

Rear View, 101 Dune Lane

     101 Dune Lane, North Forest Beach.  Absolutely, one of our best beach-oriented villa rentals,  this 5 BR, 5 BA home has it all for a multi-family vacation week of fun. Updated with great colors, and several great rooms/deck areas for age groups to escape each other and still have a blast. 

Living Room, 1870 Beachside Tennis, View of Pool & Daufuskie

    1870 Beachside Tennis . Great villa for a family or couples; 2 BR, 2 BA South Beach condo. And Calibogue Sound beckons from your deck.

Port Villas Backyard View, Calibogue Sound & Daufuskie

    1620 Port Villa.  New to our listing and upgraded to the nines!  This 4 BR, 3.5 BA condo in the South Beach neck of the woods in Sea Pines has features and amenities that don’t stop.  And a view to die for.  Or a view to a kill… or whatever.  Wasn’t that a Bond movie?

    Additionally, if you take advantage of some of our local business offerings that will stock your fridge before you arrive, drop off and pick up your rental bikes at your door, and leave you with strollers, cribs, and accessories for the little princes and princesses of your fantasy Hilton Head Sandcastle, you can brag about how your vacation didn’t leave a carbon footprint when you get back to the office because you didn’t have to drive anywhere.   See how we think of everything at The Vacation Company?  We even make you look good for your jealous associates at Corporate when you return with suntans and fishing stories.

     Remember that all of the aforementioned businesses’ brochures contain instructions and fees (and some with discounts if you mention that you are guests of Yours Truly), will arrive two weeks ahead of time via U.S. Mail in the form of a Vacation Company Welcome Packet.  So you won’t even have to think about such mundane chores after driving thirteen hours over mountains, deserts, and swamps, through wind and pelting rain to get to our beloved oasis on the coast.  Yes!   Is there anything else we can do for you?  Give us a call if we missed something.  800-845-7018, or post it here.

    Search here for more pictures and properties with views like the ones mentioned, or if you have any questions about the ones highlighted in this blog, just call a Vacation Company Angel at 800-845-7018.  Your family will LOVE you after vacationing in one of these gems!


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