So Busy This Vacation Season! We Had to Hire a Local to Help Us Out.

Fred Sneggert, Vacation Company valet, here to help

         With so much going on this year on Hilton Head Island, we’ve had to pull in some local help for busy Saturday check-ins.  This is Fred Sneggert, the Snowy Egret, who graciously helped us out last week by valet parking a few cars at one of our many oceanfront villa rental buildings.  Fred’s lived here for quite some time, and doesn’t mind pitching in when the going gets hot.  He retired down here some years ago after a stellar career as a bellhop in Charleston.  We’re so glad he lives next door to this gorgeous condo complex near the south end.  Do you know where it is?  If you do, take the poll to the right of this blog post.  If you’re not sure, but think a hint would help, click here to see another picture of the same complex from a different angle on our Facebook page.

Fred worked hard July 2.  Thanks Fred!

     If you give up, but still want to stay in a villa in Palmetto Dunes – Barrington, Captain’s Walk, Villamare, Windsor – or in Shipyard, Forest Beach – Shorewood, SeaCrest – or in Sea Pines – Land’s End, Beachside Tennis, Turtle Lane, South Beach Villas – or more, and stay in a villa with a view to the Atlantic, call an Angel 800-845-7018.

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