Vacation Company Accepting Video Submissions for Website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts

      With the recent excitement surrounding the news that the PBS reality series, Getting Away Together, is accepting submissions for their casting call from Hilton Head vacationers through the end of July, we thought it might be a perfect time to let our guests submit screentests for use on our website and social media accounts.  If you use one of our Flipcams to shoot the video during your stay, I will send you all the footage on a dvd, or post it to your YouTube account, or email it, or however you choose… ALL FOR FREE, compliments of The Vacation Company.  

      This next screentest comes from one of our guests who prefers to remain…shall we say… last-name-less, for some reason.  But he came to us hoping to supplement his retirement package with a few commercial spots while he vacations here and thinks about what his next big move might be.  We think he really has what it takes to help get the word out about our many gorgeous luxury vacation home rentals.  What do you think?  Take the poll on the lower right of this blog post, and we’ll consider giving the Legendary Johnny D. another big commercial break for The Vacation Company. 

Johnny D. Screentest for The Vacation Company 
Call an Angel for Details800.845.7018
      And if you want to submit your video for consideration in the PBS/Pine Ridge Production of Getting Away Together, click here for details.  Or, call an Angel today – 800.845.7018 – and book your vacation now in one of our incredible, fabulous, telegenic, OCEANFRONT, luxury home rentals, before the last few summer weeks get away from you!
      Or, maybe you don’t.  Ciao for now.


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