Beat the Heat with a Smooth Sail Aboard Cheers!

Are You Looking at Me?


How do you beat these dog days of summer?  Charter a sailboat and let the ocean breeze cool you down.  Cheers!has been a popular Hilton Head charter for over twenty years, and recently two of our guests spent their vacation down time on a sunset sail through Calibogue Sound with Owner/Captain John and the crew of Cheers!

Cheers! glides smoothly through the summer.


Summer cruises are usually two to two and a half hours long and satisfy whatever seafaring yearnings your group might have; from morning, dolphin-watch rides, to the breezy afternoons and sunset cruises, and even occasionally a cocktail and star-gazing jaunt down through Skull Creek.  Call ahead to confirm times and rates: 843-671-1800.

      At The Vacation Company, we’d like to know how YOU beat the heat in August on Hilton Head.  Send me your cooling-down activities so I can list them on HiltonHeadsUp by clicking here.  Better yet, if you have a picture or video of your gang chilling down while staying in one of our luxury vacation rentals, send that also, and I’ll post it on our Facebook page, or YouTubeaccount.

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