How Well Do You Know Your Island’s Hot Spots?

A Sunny Day on Hilton Head,  From a Different Angle.

     I am astounded by how often I pass a landmark or street sign on some part of Hilton Head that I’ve never seen before.  Living here off and on for over 35 years, visiting the island regularly no matter where I was living, how much could go unseen on an island 15 x 3 square miles, right?  Wrongo.  For example, if I ate out at a different restaurant every lunch and dinner for several months, I still wouldn’t have tried all the restaurants locally owned on Hilton Head – there are over 275.  In the same vein, you could ask every staff member at The Vacation Company the same where-to-go, what-to-do question, and you will get a different answer from each person; and you wouldn’t go wrong taking anyone’s advice!  That’s because there is something for everyone here.
     So, in the spirit of learning more about this island we love so well, HiltonHeadsUp.comwill post a photo like the one here, every so often, and ask readers to identify where the picture was taken on the poll to the right.

     These will all be photos taken on Hilton Head, in places that most people have been to at one time or another.  (I chose this first photo because the tree to the right of my dog Sam, always reminded me of a drawing in a Dr. Seuss book, like Horton Hears a Who).  I’m curious to see how many of you walk or ride along, missing as much of the island’s uniqueness as I seem to do (even when carrying my camera looking for something unique and unusual, I miss the obvious along the way!).
     In order for me to tell who first selected the correct Picture Poll answer, you must also email me with your selection, and the date and time you made it.

     Take your time, and enjoy the scenery.

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