The 2nd Annual Italian Heritage Festival on Hilton Head is a Total Success!

Booth at the 2nd Annual Italian Heritage Festival

      The Italian Heritage Festival could well draw seasonal culture-seeking crowds in years to come  like the RBC Heritage Classic draws spring golf-lovers.  Into its 2nd year, the Italian Heritage Festival, held at Shelter Cove Park, had nearly double the crowds, tickets, sales, and overall fun over the first year – which, by the way, was an excellent premier in and of itself.  
      Familiar faces graced the booths again this year, and you could easily spend the entire five hours of the day having so much fun eating the freshest, best, Italian dishes, prepared and presented for people to walk around or sit, eating, drinking, and playing.  Bocce Ball, the restaurant booths, the wine and soda bars, everything was laid out for a seamless day of fun in the autumn sun.  Nothing was overlooked.  Not once, did I think, “I wish they had placed more recycle bins over by the band where people sit and finish their drinks,” because they thought of everything, these people!  This year, an eating contest was added, more restaurant booths, and a dunk tank, featuring The Vacation Company‘s part-time spokesperson, Johnny D and his best friend, George!

      What a wonderful event they put on for us, by THEY, I mean of course, the Italian American Heritage Club of Hilton Head (IACHH).  Monies raised go towards all local charities like the Deep Well Project, The Children’s Relief Fund, American Cancer Society, Programs for Exceptional People (PEP), Bluffton Boy’s and Girls’ Club, Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), the Grace Center, Hospice Care of the Lowcountry, and college scholarships.  Interested in participating, joining the IACHH, or donating to their many worthy endeavors, just go to
      If you just want to make sure you are here on Hilton Head this time next year for the festival, check out our exciting line-up of luxury vacation home rentals.  Or, call a Vacation Company guardian angel at 800-845-7018.

2 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Italian Heritage Festival on Hilton Head is a Total Success!

  1. I attended this even when I was on vacation in Hilton Head. I found the event by accident. I had rented a bicycle from Pedals Bicycles (, and started exploring all that Hilton Head had to offer and stumbled upon this event and was made to feel right at home! I could have not had a better time! Thank you to the event organizers for making this event so enjoyable.


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