Trattoria Divina, Excellent Taste of Italy, in Park Plaza Restaurant – Review

Trattoria Divina Main Dining Room, Park Plaza, HHI, SC
   “Like Hilton Head Island needed another restaurant,” you say.  Well, YES IT DID!  And what a winner we have in Trattoria Divina, an Italian restaurant in Park Plaza just outside the main Sea Pines Gate, a few doorways down from the theater.  My husband and I ate there this past Friday night just before our 6:50 pm show, (big date night), and were just delighted with the whole meal and friendly staff.  The bartender, Paul, greeted us around 5:00 just when they had opened and kindly showed us around, including the bar/pool room they were preparing to open next door (more on that in another blog, but right now I can say, WOW).
One of several wall murals 
by Wyatt Ramsey 

One thing to mention about both the pool room and the restaurant, are the stunning murals painted by Isaac McCaslin, a senior at SCAD, and his friend, Wyatt Ramsey, two bright talents whom we will most definitely be hearing more about down the road.

When we returned to the restaurant, our waiter, Brendan, made all the right menu suggestions and we didn’t go wrong in any of our choices. We were pleasantly delighted with everything from the artisan bread made exclusively for Trattoria by a Sicilian baker working from a recipe that had been in the family 1000 years (now, I understand the phrase, Old World), to my entree of Orecchiette Gamberetti E Broccoli (homemade pasta tossed with spicy black shrimp, prosciutto, broccoli, Tuscan white beans, mixed in a white wine/zest of lemon sauce, to the molten chocolate cake with vanilla gelato.  Johnny started his dinner with a generous portion of tuna tartare, with slices of fresh tomato and chopped, chunky and ripe avacodo, was probably the best appetizer we’ve had in many a moon.  Then he moved on to an angel hair pasta dish with large seared scallops, black tiger shrimp, tossed in a light, zesty tomato sauce with freshly chopped tomatoes.

Salmon Scallop Chef’s Special

My husband ordered directly off the a la carte dinner menu, while I had the two-course 5-6:15 pm menu for $16.95.  The price was right however you order and with wine appetizers, three glasses of wine and large bottle of sparkling water, the check was still just under $100.00.  All the staff were very attentive, checking on us frequently, keeping our drinks and bread basket full.  Very professional and also friendly; not an easy combination to achieve so fluidly.

Chef Hugo Lee, originally from Mexico City, has an amazing resume that demonstrates a recognized talent that was essentially discovered and recruited all the way to Hilton Head.  From his early training at Il Fornaio in San Diego, to a scholarship at the CIA culinary school, and a stint working for famed Thomas Keller of the French Laundry, Lee wowed himself through a stellar pedigree of training and restaurants.  How fortunate for us he wound up here!
    That concludes this, my first food review for  Hope you enjoyed it and will give this restaurant a try while enjoying your stay in one of our luxury vacation rentals. Grazie.

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