What a Beautiful Day for an Island Penthouse View at SeaCrest

This has been by far one of our better off-seasons, weatherwise, hasn’t it? 

View from SeaCrest Penthouse 5

View from SeaCrest PH 5

 What better way to celebrate such sunny, temperate, days than to introduce a gorgeous new vacation rental atop the popular and scenic, SeaCrest resort in North Forest Beach? For the first time on the rental market, SeaCrest PH 5 (PH stands for PentHouse, just in case you were wondering), is ready for guests. This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom stunner completely remodeled and exquisitely appointed.  This fabulous villa has everything from blonde hardwoods and Mexican tiled flooring to antique wall-hangings, to a master bathroom like you’ve never seen (2 private half/baths, 1 with a bidet on either side of the main bathroom, huge tub with jets, and separate large shower, 2 full vanities with sinks, multi-patterned floor tiles and polished brick-tiled countertops… whew! All it needs is a tv and microwave and you could live in it.)
Sprial Staircase
Special – Spiral Stairs to Top-Floor Balcony

The special feature that can’t be topped is a spiral staircase going up to an enormouse private balcony on top of the world.  The view from here and the patio/balcony below (with glass-topped table for al fresco dining), is remarkable.  A grand sweeping look at the ocean just beyond the landscaped grounds below, lagoons with fountains, swimming pools, sand dunes with native Palmetto Trees, and indigenous Sea Oats, will leave you breathless.  The interior has been thoughtfully designed with a touch of safari in some places, and a whole lot of it in others; one guest bedroom will make you feel like you’re waking up in the Serengeti, with leopard print bedding and wrought-iron foot board, distressed wood armoire, and woven grass wallpaper in the bathroom, which also has giraffe masks on the walls and two giraffe statuettes on a shelf.  Fun! Each bedroom is different, so if you prefer a little romance, the next guest room has soft, white bedding, rattan armoire and dried rose bouquet on a side table. The master suite has a lovely sitting area, king bed, and private sliders leading to the balcony.  And, don’t forget the bathroom that you could live in!

For more pictures and description, click here and be wowed! Or, call a Vacation Company Guardian Angel for more information: 800.845.7018.

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