Thank Goodness Winter’s Done! That Was One Long Week on Hilton Head.

I have to admit, bringing my plants inside for a week, is a far easier task than shoveling out of snow daily for five months to get to work.  Not to rub it in, but you all probably need a break from all that hassle out there.  What with getting up a half-hour early (in the dark) to allow enough time for the car to crank up and windshield ice-scraping, and then driving home, in the dark again, at 5-ish through the slush and trying to avoid black ice; it’s a struggle to not add a little hooch to the Starbucks latte, isn’t it?  But you can’t do that, because it would be first of all, very wrong, wouldn’t it.  And secondly, your boss will wonder what the heck is so funny about you skidding in late for work on a Tuesday with 2% milk foam on your eyebrow and the bar-rista’s phone number scratched on your cup.

But I digress.

In an effort to share our joy of mid-winter beach days on Hilton Head, we’d like to lure you in with an early spring incentive to really yank your boss’ tail and take off a whole week, just for kicks!  How about $100 off any of our weekly vacation rentals? Not good enough?  Okay, how about $100 PER BEDROOM OFF  from February 25th through May 17th, 2012*?  Is that better? 

Thought so.

13 MOW Oceanview

13 Man O'War, Patio View... Perfect for a Mid-winter Happy Dance.

Now here’s the kicker, call a Guardian Angel today for details: 855.845.7018, and you might get lucky enough to snag an OCEANFRONT WINNER LIKE THIS ONE AT 13 MAN O’WAR  IN PALMETTO DUNES.  Make sure to bring all your electronic gizmos to take pictures and send back to your colleagues immediately – in real time –  just to stir up the pot a little further at the office.  Your kids will love you, your husband/wife will love you, and your boss will probably stew a bit, but who cares?  He’s there, you’re here.  You can even do a happy dance singing nah… nah… nah-nah… nah, right on your back patio in front of the beachfront infinity pool, in your birthday suit, and he won’t even see you.  Of course, the residents here might see you, and your kids, and the landscaper guy, and then, well you’d have to spend the rest of your vacation in the Beaufort clink where you only get clumpy grits and water day in/ day out, and not even with cheese or butter or salt even if you ask nicely… not that I would know.  Might as well forget the whole thing and stay home for a latte daiquiri eye-opener and bar-rista’s phone number on the way to work…    Just kidding. 

But seriously, wouldn’t you rather have that daiquiri down here with us? 


*This offer is not valid with any other discount and excludes Easter and Heritage Weeks

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