Islanders Wear Green Before Getting on the Plaid; St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

Willie Innes 2011

Spirit of RBC Heritage, Willie Innes, Waves to Fans in the St. Patrick's Day Parade 2011

Just a reminder to our guests and visitors who are arriving today – thinking they will miss St. Patrick’s Day events back home next weekend because they will be traveling back from their Hilton Head vacation on the 17th – fret not, islanders have thought of this and will be hosting a celebration for you tomorrow, March 11, 2012.  The Hilton Head Island St. Patrick’s Day parade begins at 3:00 pm on Sunday, and each year it gets bigger and more fun. 

Vacation Company guests will be especially pleased because all of our rental properties are on the south end of the island, which is also the location of the parade route; the whole length of Pope Avenue.  And lest you think we schedule this a week prior to the real St. Patrick’s Day event so we will have an excuse to drink outside in the street in the middle of the day twice in a week – once here and once on the Savannah parade route, six days later – I have it on good authority, that this is not the case.  In fact, I was told, islanders do not need a reason to drink outside in the middle of the day twice in a week, thank you very much, they do it as a matter of principle.  Just kidding… sort of. 

No. The real reason is that we don’t want to interfere with the Savannah Green River Deluge Festival which falls directly on the calendar holiday, nor do we want to clog up the streets on a Saturday, which is the traditional check-in day for vacationers who travel lo’ those many miles to enjoy a week of sunshine and sand.  Of course, one could argue, that visitors traveling in on a Sunday might wonder whether or not they took a wrong turn off 95 and wound up in the local booby hatch. 


The Local Booby Hatch


Which brings me to this very funny cartoon, a base fraternity-level joke that I was hoping I could resist posting, but am sadly not yet evolved enough to withstand the childish urge to share.  I’m sorry if I have let down my supporters.  Please undo your top button and laugh.



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