Concert on the Green, Presented by The Jazz Corner at Palmetto Bluff


Teri Rini Powers Trio Performs on the Green at Palmetto Bluff

       For those of you who enjoy lowcountry scenery, a nostalgic step into a bygone era, and cool marsh breezes while driving through live oak tree-lined roads with our ubiquitous Spanish Moss providing extra sun protection, an outdoor concert at Palmetto Bluff  is precisely the day out for you.  And, proof that you will never run out of fun things to do on Hilton Head, as long as you’re paying attention. 

View of May River from the Town Green at Palmetto Bluff

       At The Vacation Company, we try to inform our guests and friends of everything there is to do and add our own recommendations, yet there is always something more, and extraordinarily suitable for all tastes and ages, like the jazz concert we experienced last night on the Palmetto Bluff town green with about six hundred other music lovers.  This lovely development along the May River is home to the award-winning five-star boutique hotel known as the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, and is arranged around the burned ruins of a prior mansion.  The lamplit streets and reconstructed buildings surround the town square where the house once stood, and is now a gorgeous landscaped park perfect for outdoor events overlooking the water.


The Inn at Palmetto Bluff & Jazz Lovers

 Kudos to the organizers, sponsors, and performers who made this classy, family event both affordable, and noteworthy.  The $25/car donation went to Bob & Lois Masteller’s (owners of The Jazz Corner), philanthropic outreach program, the Junior Jazz Foundation (JFF), whose dual missions are, “the preservation of the American art form of jazz through the education of young musicians by supplying instruments, scholarships, classes, seminars, a summer jazz camp AND presenting quality live music performances to the community to continue to ‘Keep Jazz Alive'”.  Concerts and events outdoors at Palmetto Bluff occur every so often throughout the season, so if you are visiting with us, please check the newspaper, or here at HiltonHeadsUp, or one of the many local online event calendars.  It’s a blast!

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