If You Are What You Eat, This Gator Was a Beer-Guzzling Sports Fan


Soccer, Anyone?

I thought my little Beagle Sam, held the record for most obnoxious objects to put in his mouth (hairclips, eye glasses, underwear…sigh, yes, underwear… and plastic squeaks from inside the chew toys I bring him).  But nooooooooo, Sam must concede to the thirteen-foot alligator that was chased and caught yesterday at Jarvis Creek Park.  This guy likes to kick back and watch the games live, apparently, considering the contents of his stomach.  A real sportsman, is he.  Baseballs, tennis balls, fishing lures, and a beer can were just a few of the items revealed during the autopsy of said deceased gator.  Fortunately, the only body parts discovered were several turtles, and an intact four-foot alligator he had ingested at some point.  I understand now how these creatures have survived since the age of dinosaurs; they can stay alive feeding on literally, anything at all.  And if you had any doubts as to the seriousness of the signs that say, “Please do not feed the alligators,” keep in mind, this one grabbed a soccer ball for his dinner.  For more details, check out the Island Packet.

      By the way, just in case you were wondering, Jarvis Creek is nowhere near The Vacation Company’s vacation rentals.

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