Traffic? What Traffic?

Traffic Jam in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Reminding Us It Could Always Be Worse.

Okay, I am here to address an obvious issue that no one wants to talk about, but it’s important that we acknowledge it for the good of all our guests and residents so that we, known collectively as, LoversOfHiltonHeadIsland, can continue moving forward in a positive, happy, progress-oriented, development & tourism-friendly, direction with an ear towards the welfare and betterment of this precious coastal community.

No, I am not running for office.

Just thinking out loud about how to handle this wonderful problem of abundance, that is impeding everyone’s steps to realizing their joyous, family, fun, relaxing, vacation week, for which they have all worked so hard all year, and for which buoys up the entire state of South Carolina’s economy as well as the small businesses lining the highways up and down the eastern seaboard.

It is to our visitors’ advantage to take a vacation by enjoying the beaches, entertainment, watersports, tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants, boutiques, and marina sunrises/sunsets, and ocean breezes on the rooftops and sailboats under the palmetto fronds and stars, allelujah.

It is to the residents’ and business owners’ advantage that visitors can enjoy the aformentioned amenities so that they can stay afloat during the off-season (of which beautiful temperate months like October and April go by, without crowds, when you can run all day long on the beach with your dog off-leash, schedule tennis court & tee-times the same day you want to play, and walk into a restaurant without a reservation and not worry about getting soused at the bar beforehand because your group is the the last on a two-and-a-half-hour wait-list for a six-top at the Blue Marlin, and, oh by the way, “the kids want to sit outside to watch the boats docking”…), on this incredible, unsinkable, environmentally-sound, cruise liner, known as Hilton Head Island, if you will pardon the ongoing, nautical metaphor.

It need not be said that we all need each other and care for each other and want one another to have a great day plowing through whichever category of LoversOfHiltonHeadIsland, in which we may fall. So, in the spirit of lets-just-laugh-and-relax-at-the-island’s-growing-pains, remember that, before you get angry, and throw eye-daggers, and certain specific hand signals, or growl, snarl, and honk, the person who is slowing down, may just want to say, “Welcome to Hilton Head,” or, “How may I help you?” Or, they may be a local in need of roadside assistance, for example, as depicted here:

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