Picture This; Renowned Hilton Head Artist, Mira Scott, is also Patron of the Arts

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is;  artist, Mira Scott and partner, photographer, Mark S. Tierney, create their own exquisite art, while also promoting all of their regional, neighboring, and not-so-neighboring artists (see Robert Stark, from Pennsylvania – recent October exhibition).

Mira Scott, 1980's

Mira Scott Portrait, by Mark Tierney

What does that mean?  I’ll tell you what it means; contrary to our parents’ thoughtful counsel to cut our hair and get real jobs in this day and age of high-tech, global, corporate, conglomerate, market-share, bail-out-or-bust, high finance, it means that, one can follow one’s passion for creative expression as a legitimate trade, and survive.   Not only survive, but do quite well, thank you very much.  Let’s face it, almost everywhere on Hilton Head Island, we are treated to some form of artistic representation, OR we attend a celebration that has been created, produced, and funded, by local artists and their patrons.  Two of these fully-engaged patrons of the arts, are Ms. Scott and Mr. Tierney.  We don’t know how lucky we are to have their talents right here on Hilton Head Isle, right along down26 Palmetto Bay Road.

Mira Scott, artist

Artist Mira Scott, Hilton Head’s Own Patron of the Arts

Painting by Mira Scott

Butterfly Metamorphosis by Mira Scott

Originally from Quebec, and influenced early on by her father’s appreciation for animals – a zookeeper – Mira began watercoloring wild beasts on canvas from a young age.  And from her mother’s side, a

Russian-Polish persuasion can be detected in her use of repetitive patterns, similar to European folk work.  But what is essentially Mira; ie, what only she brings to the artistic tableaux (as it were), is the bright, cheery palette she uses to define her shapes and images.  Unmistakably, clear, festive blues, bright yellows, orange hues, and pinks, reminiscent of the hippie, flower-child era, yet touched with a linear maturity, elegant lines, and faces, are evidenced in all of her subjects.  A delight to behold, Mira’s paintings would be perfect starting points for decorating any room if one needed inspiration.

B&C Landing, Photo by Mark S. Tierney

B&C Landing, Jasper County, SC by Mark S. Tierney

Brick church ruins in Sheldon

Spanish moss enhances drama of Sheldon Church ruins, only by Mark S. Tierney

Mark S. Tierney (Mira’s partner), a talented photographer, whose work reflects a profound intensity to his subject matter, came to Hilton Head via submarine, back in the day.  Based in Charleston with the Navy during the early eighties, he became drawn to the lowcountry geography and landscapes, such as swamp cypress trees growing

out of the brackish water of Savannah, and acutely aware of the effects of the ephemeral shadow-play of Spanish moss on structural skeletons like the Sheldon Church ruins (images that became part of a later photography exhibit).

He is unafraid to explore nature’s drama with black and white choices, nor to plumb the depths of his own grief with blunt intimacy in his self-portrait nudes against the unforgiving backdrop of outdoors; as though trying to find his own place in the world, or rather, a Mark-shaped hole where he feels he fits, in the proverbial grand scheme of things.

Man in Tree Hole

Tierney explores grief in this untitled self-portrait – one in a series – 2010

Powerful imagery, no matter how you view it, and truly unique to him.

Mira Scott's art

Art panels of Mira’s work at Picture This Gallery on
Hilton Head Island, SC

Together, they fill the space at 78 Cypress Square with vivid art, carefully selected crafts and jewelry, and a constant stream of exhibits by other local artists, as well as fundraisers (usually catered by Trattoria Divina, another of my Hilton Head Island favorites), and of course, a little champagne (what self-respecting gallery host wouldn’t supply champagne or wine at the opening night of an exhibit?).  Mira’s attention to detail is evidenced everywhere, as she work the room, selflessly promoting other artists’ work, putting local personalities together for business, for future fundraising partnerships, or just for a good laugh… you couldn’t ask for a better, more sincere or gracious patron of the arts, than Mira, whose work is, in and of itself, full of inspirational charm that makes you never ever want to leave this island again!

For a look at recent popular events hosted by Mira and Mark, like the Concours d’Elegance Poster Exhibit, All Things Indigo, Art; Bubbly, and Cakes, check out their Sales and Events page, or for a schedule of classes and upcoming events, call 843.842.5299.

Also featured in the gallery are local, hand-made, creations, such as Gullah Sweetgrass Baskets, lowcountry sculptures, and an extensive selection of hand-crafted jewelry.  And if fabulous, original, local art isn’t enough to get you in the door, framing services are also the business du jour, at Picture This (in case you were wondering what they do with all their spare time).  But, truly I speak from firsthand experience, when I say you won’t find better attention to detail and pricing for picture framing. Call for more information on framing services, 843.842.5299.

What else is there to say?  Stop buy Picture This, during this holiday season and support your local artists, of course!

Mira Mira Studio & Picture This Gallery, 26 Palmetto Bay Road, Hilton Head Island, SC  29928

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Sat 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, or by appointment.

Phone: 843.842.5299

Email: mirascott101@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Picture This; Renowned Hilton Head Artist, Mira Scott, is also Patron of the Arts

  1. Carmen, thank you so much for an eloquent and delightful description of our gallery PictureThis Gallery. I always enjoy reading your blogs and what fun to read one about our gallery. Both you and Johnny always add so much to the room when you attend our events. Thank you again, Mira!


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