Nihilism on New Years Eve

Re-posting  the musings of my erstwhile scribe of the Maryland regions.  There is a hollowness to the sound of the 2017 new-year ring.  If John Oliver detonated the shitstorm of 2016 – as it deservedly should have been; exploded with appropriate disgust, and it’s good thing technology hasn’t yet come up with a way to delight our senses of smell and taste, because the filmic combustion of 2016 in 3D with all sensory features working, would render any thinking human being into a state of such despair and depression, as to possibly shut down authentic creative output for a  period of… oh, maybe an eon, or so. 

I know that my reservoir of creative bon homie is being strained to it’s snapping point at the moment, which is why I’m grateful for fellow bloggers who can quantify how I am feeling in better, cleaner terms and with kinder sentence structure.  Reading hers below, is far easier on the eye than to read my own, which began and ended with, “Eat shit and die, 2016.”           HiltonHeadBlogAngel

Happy New Year!

HH BlogAngel wondering

HH BlogAngel looks forward to 2017; revelations, wondering, “Is that a chapter in the New Testament?


I am tired of being a free floating signifier Referencing nothing but myself- We create an echo chamber where we hear nothing but ourselves And immortality etched in black and white Print Except th…

Source: Nihilism on New Years Eve

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I am a writer of online communications and marketing content. My enjoyment comes from making people smile, think, and love life. Environmental concerns are important to me, as is freedom to choose what is right for me, without harming others. I am liberal-minded, but I enjoy hearing all viewpoints as discussed in coherent, informed, and intellectual settings that rely on fact and truth for political debate. If I can bring light wherever there is darkness, through my presence and through my work, then I feel that I have lived rightly.