The State of the Union Conveniently Overwhelms the Insidious, Penetration of Big Industry Into Public Education

While mainstream media chases the Orange Menace around to see what predictable, staged, outrage he will bestow upon the American citizenry, real stories that have an impact on the future of our children and families, untold, unacknowledged, laughed off in late-night routines as soon as the grizzly bear hearings were over, scream out to be told.

But no one’s in Philadelphia covering this huge, digital/data-mining of children’s minds; this interweaving, interlocking tale of deep corrupt capitalism, now feeding on the brains, the desires of children, because everyone is covering, Donald’s yawning rants, or Tweets.  I guess he really did make Trumperica great again.

via Last Night We Lay Down In The Street To Protest Closed Door Meetings About Public Education in Philadelphia

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I am a writer of online communications and marketing content. My enjoyment comes from making people smile, think, and love life. Environmental concerns are important to me, as is freedom to choose what is right for me, without harming others. I am liberal-minded, but I enjoy hearing all viewpoints as discussed in coherent, informed, and intellectual settings that rely on fact and truth for political debate. If I can bring light wherever there is darkness, through my presence and through my work, then I feel that I have lived rightly.