Source: Say hello to a post-American world The incredible slight in all of this, that Fareed elucidates, starkly, yet reassuringly, is that the world moves on easily without America, the superpower.  The elevation of our most mediocre, our basest and mundane, to America’s highest realm – with our own permission and utter transparancy, mind you […]

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To kick off the epilogue to this record of one of the most educational, enjoyable and hopefully pivotal periods of my life, I’ll go back to where I started over four months ago by quoting the late, great Hunter S. Thompson. After a friend had written to him asking…

Source: Graduation Again, I have to share John Hogan’s journal from Nigeria.  Including exciting video of graduation traditions at Wits University, ever reminding us of how precious access to education is, and how fortunate we are as Americans to ever be in a position to take it for granted.  Thanks again, John!

Source: Charter Schools forEdualch  This is a most important read for anyone who cares about the future of education for American children.  You owe it to yourselves and your families to know why educators in this country are so concerned about the current state of this White House administration, as it relates to your kids […]