Pet-Friendly Hilton Head is Perfect Winter Retreat

Don't Wait For Me

What Are You Waiting For?

Hi!  Sam, again.  As you may, or may not know, Hilton Head Blog Angel has a new gig.  A gig that has absorbed her thoughts to herself, as well as in conversations with family and friends, AND her musings on our walks and beach days.  Obviously, she cannot handle both, a newspaper gig, and, a blog gig, otherwise she’d be plugging in some copy here a little more frequently than once every couple of months.  As it is, I gotta’ keep the machine rolling along like it’s well-oiled, so you guys don’t notice the big, widening gaps in between her blog posts.

Now, you may wonder, why it’s such a big deal, if she’s only writing a column twice a month – every other Monday – about Hilton Head, why then is it so difficult to handle that, AND  a blog?  Well, we were wondering that ourselves, me and Johnny D.  Like, how long does it take to think about a topic, and then write about it, and you only have to do that like, every two weeks, right? Well apparently, we shouldn’t have been wondering that stuff out loud in front of Blog Angel, because, being a fragile, creative, word artiste (as she describes herself on a good day), she is constantly misunderstood by us less-evolved neanderthals.   I really don’t know what she means when she says things like that, but Johnny D doesn’t appreciate it either.  So, we just get up and watch TV in the other room, so she can have her space to, you know, flesh out ideas, and create.

water fountains

A Fountain For Everyone In the Family

Which brings me to my promo.  Those of you who have pets, should ask them where they want to go, and I’ll bet they say, ‘Hilton Head, please!’  And do you know why?  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Two reasons: 1) Great, easy-to understand leash laws for the whole island, including beaches.  And most public places, you’ll see containers with signs offering plastic bags for free, while you’re walking your best friend, in case you forgot to bring your own.  They even set us up with showers and water fountains, here on Hilton Head Isle.

Hi George.

That’s My Man, George Evans. Always ready with a treat.

And b.) the people that work here love pets!  Can you believe it?  Everywhere I go with Mom or Johnny D, I get treats.  There’s even some restaurants that let you sit outside and eat with your dog, like they do in the Old Country.  Wherever that is.  In the mornings, when we walk the golf course, the Guys, like Steve and Grady and Joe, take care of me with biscuits.  They know how hard I work treeing squirrels, so the golfers can play through, undisturbed.  It’s not easy being me, down here.

Leaving Sam's scent

Back Roll in the Sand, Leaves a Good Scent for Everyone. Sam was Here!

I know it looks simple, but taking care of Hilton Head Blog Angel and Johnny D, is like, the hardest job you could ever ask for.  You don’t know what I’m up against. So, make sure you are nice to the security guards and the bag boys and caddies while you’re here, because they’ll all take care of you, while you’re here in the middle of the winter, sneaking a break from those crazy snow storms up north, east, and west.  Really.

Who’d ‘a thunk, it would be warm enough to hit the beach this past weekend, right?  But there I am, living large, happy to be here, sharing my scent with anything that will let me roll around backwards and bark.  It doesn’t get any better than this.


A 2013 Wish From Sam, the Hilton Head Beagle Blogger

Sam the Beach Beagle

I’m Sam. Standing in for HHBlogAngel Today.

Hi.  My name’s Sam.  I’m subbing for BlogAngel today, because she’s sick with something called blog-writer’s block.  At least, that’s what she calls it.  If you ask me, it’s more like, laying-around-in-my-pajamas-with-an-attitude-in-the-middle-of-the-winter-writer’s block… but that’s just me.  What do I know, right?  I’m just a hound dog she sprung from the can a few years back, and nobody asks what I think about anything.  Now, I’m no Einstein, but I can tell you one thing, you aren’t going to burn up the tar to riches, sitting around in your pink, checkered pajamas, while the early birds are out there catching worms, and you’re just catching some more zzzzz’s (Johnny D says stuff like that when Mom’s moping around, and it really ticks her off).

So, I thought I’d sneak up here on this fun, swivelling chair, and take a stab at this writing thing, which, by the way, looks really booorrrrring to those of us who’d prefer to run around in crazy eights on the beach.

Hey. How hard can it be, right?

Sam and John type

This typing looks pretty easy…

You just sit here and push down on these keys, and you don’t even have to have opposable thumbs; I know, because when I need Johnny D’s attention, I have to stand on his desk and stare at him, and that’s when I see him typing with just his two index fingers, really slow-like (sometimes swearing in between the key punches, and sometimes shouting down to Mom – that’s BlogAngel – “How do you spell, mozzarella?“).  So I know, any idiot can do this writing thing.

Anyhooo… woops, i just hit an extra “o” on ‘hoo”.  Didn’t mean to do that.

So, I’m known around here as the Beach Beagle, but I didn’t start out as a ‘beach’ anything, because, well… I’m from Providence – which is a city in Rhode Island, a BIG city, the capitol city where Johnny D’s from, too – and to be truthful, I’m a beagle mix.  Which, really doesn’t mean anything, Mom says, except that the “mix” part of that label adds spice to my character.  She’s always saying stuff like that about me, because… well, Mom loves me.

I mean, REALLY loves me.  I know, I know, you think you love your dog as much as Mom loves me, but there’s no way… no.  She’s my soul mate.  I knew it the first day I laid eyes on her and she knew it, too.  We HAD to be together forever.  But, there was just one problem with our romance back then; see, I was living in the city shelter, on account of, I got cut loose by my hunting pack, and I kinda’ had a rough time of it for a while in those early years.  I got picked up a couple of times for stealing food, and both times, nice families came and bailed me out (with just a few dollars, called an adoption fee).  But, for some reason, I dunno… something about chewing, biting, baying (What the heck is baying anyway?), the families kept dumping me back in the can.  They were always sorry, but we had a good time, right?  Jeez!  How was I supposed to know that the rubber bone I was chewing while lying on Grandma’s lap, was an oxygen hose!  Who knew?  Why didn’t someone say, “Sam, don’t chew Grandma’s oxygen hose?” or,  “Here Sam, have a treat, Grandma needs the hose to breathe.”  No.  They just all assumed that because I was housebroken, I knew everything already.

So anyway, Mom had a husband named Johnny D, who would never, never, NEVER, allow a dog near their apartment because he thought they should own a house before getting a dog, and…  Okay, so I guess that’s two problems we had with our early romance; I was in the can, AND she had a husband.  Oh boy, when I say it that way, I don’t know how we ever made it this far – wait… quiet… I hear the key in the door –

Beagle and Johnny D

I’m Ready for My Goodnight Belly-Scratch & Smooch

Uh-oh, Mom’s coming, and I’m not supposed to be climbing up and all around the desk, so I’ll have to wind this up, quick;  I just want everyone to know, if you’re even thinking about a pet for your family, then please think about springing one of us out of the clink before shopping around the breeders and puppy mills.  We really appreciate it, and I was thinking last night while Mom was smooching my neck and scratching my belly (she does that after Johnny D. falls asleep on the couch while watching a movie), that if I had one wish for 2013, it would be that ALL my compadres from city shelters everywhere, could have what I have now.  Who would believe, after getting picked up for loitering in Cranston, Rhode Island four years ago, I’d be so lucky to be living here in the lap of luxury on Hilton Head Island, with a dizzy blonde cuddling me every night?

It just goes to show you – woops, here she comes.  Gotta go…

OKAY Mom, I’m done over here! … No, I wasn’t doing anything wrong, and I did NOT chew that yellow sticky-pad on the floor over there… No… it was there, all chewed up like that before I even came into the room…

Hilton Head Humane Association

10 Humane Way, Hilton Head Island, SC  29926


Providence Animal Rescue League

34 Elbow St., Providence, RI 02903



China Looks to Hilton Head for Resort Development Ideas

Harbour Town’s Liberty Oak Tree Graces Us Nightly While Gregg Russell Sings to the Children

Harbour Town’s Liberty Oak Tree Graces Us Nightly While Gregg Russell Sings to the Children

It seems the Chinese have cottoned on to what we already knew about Hilton Head, SC; it is a gorgeous island with high, environmentally sensitive, building standards to which developers must adhere when beginning construction on any kind of building or attraction. Last week – reported the Island Packet on July 10, 2010 – several representatives from two development corporations in China and Thailand, came all the way across the world to Hilton Head and toured Harbour Town, with Ed Modzelewski, Chairman of Applied Technology and Management Inc. (ATM), which has offices in Hilton Head and Charleston.

Apparently, they had all first met each other earlier this year in Shanghai at a boat show (go figure) and the Chinese representatives wandered up to Mr. Modzelewski, and said, “Hello. We are corporate partners developing a twenty-two mile stretch of land along the pacific coast where, up to now, we do alot of shrimp farming. But we want to turn this beautiful coastline into an economic stomping ground filled with marinas and condos and beachside towns and hotels and vacation rentals, but we’ve never done this before and do you know somebody somewhere on this green earth that could show us a model or something of how to build such a community without tearing down every single tree, blade of grass, coconut grove, and rubber plantation?”  Or maybe, something similar to that, and in the Chinese language.

To which, Mr. Modzelewski probably responded, “Duh. Hilton Head Island, SC, on the other side of the world, was built up in the 1970’s by the Brothers Fraser, Charles and Joe… and some other people, but the Fraser boys were the ones who were adamant about leaving the wildlife and trees and marshes right where they started and we would just have to put our little roads and restaurants and houses in the little spaces in between the trees and the beaches,” is maybe what Ed Modzelewski said to David Zhidong Li, the head rep of the Vanion Group from China.

map of Hilton Head

Hilton Head Island, SC

All of which led to this great visit from our Chinese friends who want to see how we shake things up in Harbour Town with live music under the Liberty Oak tree, and cocktails, yachts, charter boats, condos, shops, a lighthouse, a golf course, and everything highlighted in lowcountry style. Well, I imagine they collected alot of good notes and tips from all the realtors and builders here, and will be able to use that information when they go home to China and start building their own marina resort development project.  I hope we can visit this new place when its done, and maybe get a ‘locals’ discount on a dinner or charter boat or something.

Traffic? What Traffic?

Traffic Jam in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Reminding Us It Could Always Be Worse.

Okay, I am here to address an obvious issue that no one wants to talk about, but it’s important that we acknowledge it for the good of all our guests and residents so that we, known collectively as, LoversOfHiltonHeadIsland, can continue moving forward in a positive, happy, progress-oriented, development & tourism-friendly, direction with an ear towards the welfare and betterment of this precious coastal community.

No, I am not running for office.

Just thinking out loud about how to handle this wonderful problem of abundance, that is impeding everyone’s steps to realizing their joyous, family, fun, relaxing, vacation week, for which they have all worked so hard all year, and for which buoys up the entire state of South Carolina’s economy as well as the small businesses lining the highways up and down the eastern seaboard.

It is to our visitors’ advantage to take a vacation by enjoying the beaches, entertainment, watersports, tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants, boutiques, and marina sunrises/sunsets, and ocean breezes on the rooftops and sailboats under the palmetto fronds and stars, allelujah.

It is to the residents’ and business owners’ advantage that visitors can enjoy the aformentioned amenities so that they can stay afloat during the off-season (of which beautiful temperate months like October and April go by, without crowds, when you can run all day long on the beach with your dog off-leash, schedule tennis court & tee-times the same day you want to play, and walk into a restaurant without a reservation and not worry about getting soused at the bar beforehand because your group is the the last on a two-and-a-half-hour wait-list for a six-top at the Blue Marlin, and, oh by the way, “the kids want to sit outside to watch the boats docking”…), on this incredible, unsinkable, environmentally-sound, cruise liner, known as Hilton Head Island, if you will pardon the ongoing, nautical metaphor.

It need not be said that we all need each other and care for each other and want one another to have a great day plowing through whichever category of LoversOfHiltonHeadIsland, in which we may fall. So, in the spirit of lets-just-laugh-and-relax-at-the-island’s-growing-pains, remember that, before you get angry, and throw eye-daggers, and certain specific hand signals, or growl, snarl, and honk, the person who is slowing down, may just want to say, “Welcome to Hilton Head,” or, “How may I help you?” Or, they may be a local in need of roadside assistance, for example, as depicted here:

Grocery Shopping Near You

   We have done our very best to get you into the perfect luxury vacation rental this summer.  Now that you’ve booked it, packed your car/suitcase, and traveled to vacation wonderland, there are some basic household items you will need for the week that you’re here which will constitute a trip to the market.

    This should not be a grueling, day-long, errand, stuck in sweaty traffic, and long, angry grocery lines.  No sireeeee Bob, this should be more sport and fun to add to your trip so that you can maximize your leisure time here doing all  things…leisurely.

   With your valuable vacation time in mind, we have put together a list of shopping centers with local directions from the nearest main road closest to your vacation rental, so that you can stop there on your way to checking in, or the next morning, and not feel disoriented by the change of scenery.  After all, we know you just drove, or flew many miles from a place you know very well, to get here, a place you know less about, so let’s try to make the refrigerator-stocking less of a chore and more of a family event!

    Below is a list of places we recommend based on their proximity to your vacation rental. 


The Plaza at Shelter Cove
32 Shelter Cove Lane

From any place in Palmetto Dunes: 12-15 minutes drive.
From the gate:
Right on William Hilton Pky (Hwy 278), about 1 mile
Left on Shelter Cove La.

This is a great place to start when you arrive.  Just be careful that you don’t over-do at places like T.J. Maxx, Outside Hilton Head, and Fuddruckers on your first day… being that you have all your cookie-jar cash-in-pocket and credit cards cleared and ready to go once you get here, we don’t want you to spend it all in one place, as they say.  You can stock your refrigerator from the plaza’s anchor store, Piggly Wiggly.

If you turn too soon into Shelter Cove Mall, no worries, keep driving and Shelter Cove Lane will take the back way to Shelter Cove Plaza.  This is a more scenic way to go anyway, with the marsh on your left, and less traffic than Wm Hilton Pky.  Now, if you got confused out of the gate and turned left on William Hilton Parkway, it’s still okay, just read further down under Shipyard’s options and you’ll see about another grocery stop that will be on your right.


TWO big options here, and some of you, depending on where you are located within the resort, will have an even-Steven choice as far as distance goes.  Villa complexes like The Greens, Beachwalk, and Tennismaster, are equi-distant from the two shopping places we’ve highlighted, while others like Kingston Dunes, Evian, Golfmaster, and Townhouse Tennis Villas may want to be more strategic when charting their shopping plaza adventure.

1st Shipyard entrance off Highway 278 – You will have passed the Plaza at Shelter Cove on your right with barely a blink. Not a problem.  Being the very concerned Journey Guardian Angels that we are, and knowing you might have missed the Plaza on the way in because your eyes are bleary and you are weary from the long drive, we built another shopping center on the same side of the street called:

Fresh Market Shoppes, where there is a, -duh-  Fresh Market, also Bonefish Grill, Jones New York, West Marine, and Cold Stone Creamery.

890 William Hilton Pky

Again, this is not something you should over-do on the first day.  I know, I know, but you are better off if you don’t over-do (which would be an over-don’t) so you will have a few extra shillings later in the week, or in case it (gasp!) rains and you all have to go to the movies sun-burnt, whiny, and miserable, you will definitely need your stash then, right?

Circle Center off Pope Avenue
70 Pope Avenue

2nd Shipyard entrance off Pope Avenue, a local road that will take you to whatever you need, whether you turn left or right.  To the left (beachside), there is a Bi-Lo on the right off Pope in the Circle Center near the public beach and FREE parking lot.

    If you miss the Bi-Lo, just keep driving until you hit a rotary called Coligny Circle.  Go all the way around that, past the beach park boardwalk fun exit, and take the next road, called North Forest Beach.  Watch out for major pedestrian, bicycle, stroller, and drunk-stagger traffic in this neck of the proverbial woods.  This is Coligny Public Beach Fun Central, and you will have a blast down here on foot.  (Not so behind the wheel of your car.  Behind the wheel of your car, you might just bust a gasket trying to make a left turn during beach happy hour.)

    Okay, say you’ve made it around Coligny Circle without hitting someone’s dog, you’ll drive one block down North Forest Beach, amidst sunbathers leaving the beach and shoppers walking the boardwalk. You will take a left on Avocet, (the first road you will come to), and drive half a block and turn left into Coligny Plaza.

    You will drive sloowwwwwwwwly through the lot, past restaurants, bars, souvenir/gift shops, until you see a familiar billboard snout, and you will know that you have reached the south’s proudest marketing alliterative effort, the Piggly Wiggly.  This used to be called the Red & White, and was Hilton Head’s first market owned by the truly wonderful Martin family, who still operate the grocery store.  Ask for David Martin and tell him Carmen Hawkins said Hi.  I don’t know if this will get you a discount, but it will definitely get David laughing.

Park Plaza, Office Park Road, Off of Pope Avenue

To the right out of Shipyard’s Pope Avenue gate, you will go to the next stoplight and turn left on Office Park Way.  This road curves around past Time Warner Cable and CVS and goes winding around a little paved back-door road that leads you to the Park Plaza shopping center, where there is a: 

Harris Teeter
33 Office Park Rd
Park Plaza Cinema, Electric Piano, Marley’s Grill and newly rebuilt family/sports bar restaurant called the Mellow Mushroom. This road is great and if you slow down enough and take a right before you get to Park Plaza, you’ll be right in the thick of things known as Reilley’s Triangle to natives because there are four restaurants (I know, the ‘triangle’ made you think three, but we are nothing if not math-smart after a couple of daiquiris in Reilley’s Triangle), and here you can grab a beer and meet some locals who will tell you the best places to eat, shop, park your beach towels, listen to live music, and watch the most awesome sunsets, than if you just followed the ads and billboards and brochures you picked up on the way in.

   The other great thing about this little road is that it takes you right past the main intersection and Sea Pines Circle traffic jam any time of the day.  Drive slowly and pay attention, and you will not be disappointed in this little gem we just gave you. We are, after all, your Vacation Company Guardian Angels.

   Now, if you spent a little longer than you should have in the Triad, and had Junior with his driver’s permit drive (good thinking!), and maybe he turned out onto a main road, instead of back onto Office Park Way, don’t worry, you are still close to yet another shopping plaza known as:

Island Crossings.
11 Palmetto Bay Rd
843- 842-2632

   However, don’t let that Palmetto Bay Rd. address fool you.  Again, here’s where the Vacation Angels swoop in on their angel wings and carry you a hop and a skip across the road.  Junior takes a right out of the Reillley’s parking lot, and then the next left.   Here, you will find Staples, Starbucks, Publix, and Walgreens, in that order, and all to remind you of home.

Now, if you missed that turn, you will go to the Sea Pines Circle, drive all the way around to Palmetto Bay Rd, and that’s when the address will make some sense.  Take a left at the first light, and there you will be at the Walgreens, Publix, Starbucks, and Staples, in that order.

Okay, if you miss that turn… sigh… you have one more shot at a grocery plaza before I give up on you.  Drive down about a half a mile past that light and on the right is a:

Food Lion
6 Bow Circle

And, FYI, just past the Food Lion, is the main U.S. Post Office, and catty-corner from that is Island Postal Center, from where we ship all your lost and found items, in case you were wondering.


From South Forest Beach (Cassina, Bayberry, Shorewood, Breakers, et al) properties, you would turn right, go straight down to Coligny Circle, half-way around, onto North Forest Beach Rd, one block and left on Avocet. Then left into Coligny Plaza where the Piggly Wiggly is.

If you miss the half-way around exit, take the next exit off the circle, which is Pope Ave. and take the second left off Pope Ave., which is Nassau.  The Circle Center is on the right where the Bi-Lo is.

From North Forest Beach (SeaCrest, North Shore Place, Quail, Driftwood, Mallard, Dune, et al), you are down the road and across the street from Coligny Plaza and the Piggly Wiggly.  This is by far the easiest place to be to get lost and still find the grocery store.


    If you are staying in the Harbour Town neck of the neighborhood, you will find going back out the main Sea Pines gate to Harris Teeter easiest.  It is the first right outside the gate, and probably the easiest turn of this whole blog post.

    If you are staying in South Beach, or South or North Sea Pines Drive and points in between, you are better off driving out the back gate, take a left on Cordillo Parkway, drive about 2 miles to a stop light (you will be opposite Shipyard), intersection with Pope Avenue.  To the right is the Bi-Lo described above, to the left is Harris Teeter and Publix, also aforementioned.

   I hope this has helped clear things up for you as you embark on your vacation week.  And if you have any questions, always know you can call us at The Vacation Company, and we’ll be glad to give you more directions and shopping options.  Or just mosey around the HiltonHeadsUp blog index to the right, and you may find what you need here, too.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Consignment Shopping – Best Island Rainy Day Sport

consignment store

Chella D’s in South Island Square

Now you wake up, raring to be the first ones at the Tiki Hut and before you can say, “Where’s the sunscreen, Honey?” a rumble of thunder draws your attention to angry dark skies and the disheartening sight of lifeguards folding up umbrellas and chairs.The travel experts said that tropical squalls sometimes occur during the summer months along the southeast coast, but are those really whitecaps on the waves?And what kinds of travelers visit vacation resorts during squall season anyway? (And while we’re at it, what is a squall?  Is that something you hunt, like a squirrel?)

Thrift Store

Church Mouse Thrift Shop

At this point, I can probably bullet-point the rainy day activities on Hilton Head that you have already thought of; such as, surfing the net, eating chips, making sandwiches, going to and/or renting movies, watching soap operas, eating more chips, checking email, cheating at online solitaire, taking a nap, whining about the weather, cheating at Monopoly, answering chain emails and setting your alarm to make sure that you don’t miss what someone will say that will change your life at 10:23 pm, emailing all your friends with a picture from last year’s vacation telling them what a great time you’re having at the beach, calling the Vacation Company to check if – just in case and against your initial negative reaction – you changed your mind during a weak moment, and purchased trip insurance by mistake, and really whose big idea was it to come down this weekend anyway? Was it the same person who DRANK THE LAST BEER?!!…

But really, the most hands-down rewarding activity has to be consignment shopping on Hilton Head.

Consignment shops abound in the Palmetto Bay area as well as in the north end of the island, and these can yield true finds.  If you are familiar with the local real estate scene, then you know the plethora of treasures offered at estate sales and auctions; many of which find their way into consignment stores.  If you are new to Hilton Head, rest assured that the many beautiful homes you covet from your beach towel house one-of-a-kind furnishings and clothes.Whether you are looking for vintage clothing, kitschy souvenirs, or European light fixtures, you will be rewarded with interesting, sometimes eccentric, and always unique items from the sampling of shops listed below.  Many of these you can get lost in for hours and score beautiful and unique pieces, while knowing that your purchase will also go towards helping a local charity.  Almost all of the stores listed here donate proceeds and/or unsold items to area non-profit organizations and thrift stores that benefit the needy.

(And P.S., in case you are wondering, the Vacation Company also donates unclaimed lost and found items to area thrift stores that benefit the Hilton Head community.)

For garage sale finds like housewares, knick-knacks, books, clothing, and jewelry:

For higher-end furniture items and accessories:

  • Classic Consignments, located at 122 Arrow Rd, 843-842-4041
    Unsold items are given to the charity of the owner’s choice or to St. Fancis Thrift.
  • Michael & Company Antiques, located at 138 Arrow Rd, 843-686-3222
    Unsold furniture items are donated to area charities and thrift stores.
  • Annie’s Attic, located at 142 Arrow Rd, 843-686-6970
    Unsold and/or unsalable items go to the Community Care Foundation Thrift Store in Bluffton where the proceeds are given to area charities such as no-kill animal shelters and food ministries.

For vintage clothing and new irregular:

  • Sacks, located at 24 Palmetto Bay Rd, #B 843-842-4222
    Unsold clothing is given to Goodwill Industries of lower South Carolina.
  • My Sister’s Closet, located at 1020 William Hilton Parkway 843- 785-4988
    Unsold items go to the Litter Box, and to the Church Mouse.
  • The Stock Exchange, located at 1401 Main Street Village, 843-689-6777
  • Chella D Consignment Boutique, located at 119 Arrow Rd, 843-341-3999
    “Chella D is a modern consignment store that is a sure love for all fashionistas!…”Check out their Facebook page. Unsold items go to the Litter Box.
  • Simply Kids Consignment, located at 115 Arrow Road, #2B, 843-686-6774
    Unsold items go the Church Mouse, the Litter Box, the Bargain Box, and boxes of clothes have also been sent to Haiti.


Visiting Hilton Head Island feels like a week-long spa vacation has been included in your rental package because almost everything the island has to offer is replicated for a fee in city spas. Below is a top-ten list of the island’s spa amenities that come free of charge when you book your trip with The Vacation Company.

    1. Seaweed/salt baths – If you’re from the northeast or west coast, then you’re used to big waves, jagged cliffs, and glacial water temperatures. Try a relaxing dip in the warm southeast ocean that won’t send you running for your blanket with blue lips.
  • Aerobic exercise – Hilton Head has seemingly endless sandy beaches great for biking or running.


  • Your massage specialist often plays recorded nature sounds as background music to relax you, like waves lapping against the beach, exotic birds singing, frogs croaking, or breezes rustling marsh grass. On Hilton Head, we simply open a window for the same effect.


  • Exfoliating – what better way to mimic this skin smoothing technique than by building sandcastles with your kids?


  • Afternoon naps – Just remember to lie on your back. No kidding. This is a wrinkle-reducing technique recommended by dermatologists on According to recent statistics, those who sleep face up accumulate less age lines.


  • Temperate climate – Does your morning commute in March include an extra half-hour to warm the car battery and scrape ice from your windshield? Try our climate mood-enhancer; another freebie included with your Vacation Company villa/home rental


  • Oils/lotions – Nothing brings a nostalgic smile to one’s face more than the smell of Coppertone suntan oil. And we all know smiling is better for facial muscles than frowning. Lather it on before the beach and your skin will thank you.


  • Fresh fish – served in all Lowrey Group restaurants, our own Fresh Market, or can be yours for the catching and grilling.


  • Soothing sunset – I can’t describe a South Beach sunset on Hilton Head. You just gotta be there. Doesn’t matter what kind of day the weather gave us –rain, clouds, sun – the dazzling color show at the end reminds us of what life is about.


  • Slower pace of life – do I really need to explain why this is good for you?


Of course, if you’re the one in charge of getting everyone to all of the above, then you will need to take a day out for yourself. In that case, try The Art of Massage, where Anneliza Itkor, and her field of outstanding, licensed massage therapists will accommodate you with flexible hours and eco-friendly products in unpretentious surroundings. Voted best massage in the 2010 Island Packet Reader’s Choice Awards, The Art of Massage is located at 14 New Orleans Road, Suite #1, call for an appointment, 843.422.8378, or simply drop by any time for a glass of champagne and fruit.