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Source: Nigeria – Part Three I’m totally fascinated with John Hogan’s Nigerian trek, and quest, for interview with President Obasanjo.  The first time I heard the term, “T.I.A.”  was in the movie, Blood Diamond, that I loved so much, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Connelly, traipsing around Africa all those years ago.

Excellent public education assessment from Morna in Maryland… The privatizers are busy at work. Unless you live under a rock (a tempting thought lately…) you probably feel like I do every time you turn on the news; the sensation of riding the Tilt a Wh… Source: A View of the Long Game: Where Art Thou […]

Re-posting  the musings of my erstwhile scribe of the Maryland regions.  There is a hollowness to the sound of the 2017 new-year ring.  If John Oliver detonated the shitstorm of 2016 – as it deservedly should have been; exploded with appropriate disgust, and it’s good thing technology hasn’t yet come up with a way to […]

I’m really enjoying Derrick L Weston’s work. Enlightening, inclusive, insightful.  Enjoy, friends. Sometimes you’re having a shitty day. It’s raining, you’re late, the kids are on your nerves thus exacerbating your lateness, the weak coffee you made spills all over you when you… Source: Luke Cage: Our Side of the Story

If you haven’t yet been to the Joe Maffo’s exhibit at the Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn, then you are missing out on something special.  Held outside on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, Joe and his staff of students and volunteers educate delighted crowds about reptiles, chickens, and rabbits, […]

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6 Talk about putting your money where your mouth is;  artist, Mira Scott and partner, photographer, Mark S. Tierney, create their own exquisite art, while also promoting all of their regional, neighboring, and not-so-neighboring artists (see Robert Stark, from Pennsylvania – recent October exhibition). Mira Scott Portrait, by Mark Tierney What does that mean?  I’ll tell…