The State of the Union Conveniently Overwhelms the Insidious, Penetration of Big Industry Into Public Education

While mainstream media chases the Orange Menace around to see what predictable, staged, outrage he will bestow upon the American citizenry, real stories that have an impact on the future of our children and families, untold, unacknowledged, laughed off in late-night routines as soon as the grizzly bear hearings were over, scream out to be told.

But no one’s in Philadelphia covering this huge, digital/data-mining of children’s minds; this interweaving, interlocking tale of deep corrupt capitalism, now feeding on the brains, the desires of children, because everyone is covering, Donald’s yawning rants, or Tweets.  I guess he really did make Trumperica great again.

via Last Night We Lay Down In The Street To Protest Closed Door Meetings About Public Education in Philadelphia


Say hello to a post-American world

Source: Say hello to a post-American world

The incredible slight in all of this, that Fareed elucidates, starkly, yet reassuringly, is that the world moves on easily without America, the superpower.  The elevation of our most mediocre, our basest and mundane, to America’s highest realm – with our own permission and utter transparancy, mind you – shows the world our underbelly, which as Marx foretold a long time ago, would ultimately level the true self-absorbed, egoic, disease of Capitalism.