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If you’re not up on this by now, it’s time to start educating yourself, before it’s too late. The dreams and minds of your children depend on you understanding this, and stopping it before the ugligarchy take over.


For anyone unfamiliar with the recent history and conflict of North and South Korea and why the United States figures into the mix, Fareed Zakaria boils it all down into a few clear paragraphs.  Wow. I’ve never been able to boil anything down to clarity, ever.  I guess that’s why I’m blogging from my Carolina […]

HELLO!  Once again, our neoliberal superhero, Morna McDermott, has found yet another corrupt corporate boondoggle of ethics, and civil rights violations (for starters) who couldn’t make enough easy construction profits the normal, briefcase-full-of-money-in-kickbacks way, right there in Maryland College Park.  But don’t let me ruin the fun for you, check it out here, via A […]

Source: Talking about mental health after mass shootings is a cop-out This is impressive commentary, by Fareed Zakaria, on what should be obvious to Americans by now. I would even go a step further, and call out the NRA as probably a criminal organization at this point, not unlike the Mob, of the early twentieth […]

A strand of Spanish Moss Excellent question.  Tillandsia usneoides, or Spanish Moss as is commonly known, is the gauzy-looking veil that drapes from the branches of southern Live Oaks, Cypress, and even some pines.  Often, at The Vacation Company, we are asked about several wildlife curiousities, the first being “do alligators really roam the golf courses free?” […]

Scenic Hilton Head bike trails. Not that I need reminding of how fabulous Hilton Head Island truly is, whenever I leave town, some cityscapes really make me homesick for the trees, beaches, marshes, and sand dunes. Like what, you may ask?  How about a maximum security prison on the side of the road? That’ll make you […]